Synchronous updating of short books

first , Please keep the network unblocked

* get into Freenom <>

* Enter the domain name you want , click Check Availability

3. Choose a domain name , Click on the Get it now! Here .ml take as an example , Click on the Checkout

4. change Period, Change the default three months to twelve months , click Continue

5. Enter email , Registered account

6. Enter email to view mail

7. Click the link in the email to complete the registration
8. get into My Domains( My domain name ) <>
page , View the domain name just registered

thus , Domain name registration completed , Here are the optional steps

9. click Manage Domain, Configure the domain name
10. get into Nameservers <>
page , change DNS Analysis to domestic DNSPod <>

11. stay DNSPod Add the domain name just registered in ( No need to fill in www)

* Then back to Freenom, stay Nameservers Filled in DNSPod Two of DNS address,

* click Change Nameservers Save changes
14. Wait a minute ~ Can be found in DNSPod Domain name resolution