ZooKeeper Download address :

1 Unzip to a directory

2 stay zookeeper-3.x\conf Create a new directory zoo.cfg file
tickTime=2000 initLimit=10 syncLimit=5 dataDir=\data dataLogDir=\log clientPort
=2181 server.1=localhost:2287:3387

These two folders are created automatically

Simple parsing of configuration file

1,tickTime: This time is for Zookeeper Time interval between servers or between clients and servers to maintain heartbeat , That is, every tickTime
Time will send a heartbeat .

2,dataDir: As the name suggests Zookeeper Directory where data is saved , By default ,Zookeeper Save the log file that writes the data in this directory .

3,dataLogDir: As the name suggests Zookeeper Directory where log files are saved

4,clientPort: This port is the client connection Zookeeper Port of the server ,Zookeeper Will listen to this port , Accept access requests from clients .

3 Enter to bin catalog , And start zkServer.cmd, This script will launch a java process

4 After startup jps You can see QuorumPeerMain Process of
jps -l -v

5 You can start the client connection

reference material

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