first , Thank you very much <> Providing such a valuable opportunity ( Relevant reports of the conference :19 day
<>,20 day
, It's about how we use the Internet , Big data combined with students' cognitive laws and so on . Conference video introduction link
<>, The details are as follows :

01-> Our lecture notes are quite different from other guests , No cutting-edge knowledge, technological innovation, etc , It's mainly about how to apply these innovations in education . Entrusted by Liu Bo ROS Some work of robot education . In fact, my heart is very scared , Because I don't have a lot of work , Many are trying , It's just an exchange of experience , I hope you can correct the mistakes . I want to explain my understanding of education , In fact, it's not a direct field of technological innovation , Is the field of Applied Technology Innovation .

02-> These are the four main parts of the speech , First, a brief introduction ROS, Why choose ROS As a carrier of robot education , The second is some of the online and offline participation of Eko ROS Activity experience , Inspiration and related data sharing , Then I will introduce my exploration and attempt in robot teaching in Colleges and universities , Finally, the summary and Prospect .

03-> First let's take a look ROS, Robot control involved , algorithm , Simulation and other aspects , The theory of robot , programming , Organic integration of simulation and Practice ( stay ROS To integrate , Not a simple combination ), This is our choice ROS An important reason for .



06-> As of 2017 year , More than 2800 Developers involved , Accumulated contribution 450 Ten thousand lines of core code and open source .


08->ROS1 Not completely independent of the operating system . system , software package , network ,ROS And peripherals . Based on these correlations and internal relations , Four courses on Robotics , And will ROS Practical link applied to curriculum .
Robot system design and control technology , This paper mainly introduces the basic design method and theory of robot , And introduce ROS Basics ; Robot Perception and information fusion technology
, This paper mainly introduces the sensors and correlation filtering algorithm used by robots , Combined use ROS Show me how to connect these sensors , And apply these algorithms, etc ; Human computer intelligent interaction technology
, Mainly about the common human-computer interaction mode , Such as graphical interface , speech recognition , Object recognition , Understanding of environment modeling , Gesture interaction, etc , And use ROS Explain the practice link ; Comprehensive training of intelligent robot
, Reorganize and integrate the above special knowledge points , Strengthen the application ability of students . Independence of four courses , relevance , Clear hierarchy , Design robots and ROS Many aspects , Facilitate students to understand the internal relationship of curriculum ( Meaning of learning these courses ), Both knowledge migration and skill training .

09->( Continuous update and development of information technology , The problem of timeliness of knowledge begins to be highlighted , Courses need to be closely integrated with cutting edge ) The picture above shows ROS 2 And ROS 1 Comparison of overall architecture : ROS
1 Main support Ubuntu.ROS 2 The bottom layer is based on DDS Communication mechanism , Real time support , Embedded , Distributed , Multi operating system , include Linux,windows,Mac,RTOS etc. . ROS
1 Communication use of TCPROS/UDPROS, rely on master, and ROS
2 The communication system of is based on DDS, nothing master, At the same time ROS2 Provided internally DDS Abstract layer implementation of , With this abstraction layer , Users can ignore the underlying DDS Which merchant's API.
ROS 2 At present, it has Ubuntu Xenial,OS X El Capitan as well as Windows
10 Tested and supported on , And the first official version has been released .( Training students' skills of comparative learning )

10-> Guide students to pay attention to differences , Think about why these improvements have been made .

11-> A large number of robots provide ROS Interface or direct use ROS, Widely used , Strong versatility .

12-> In basic understanding ROS after , Brief introduction ROS Teaching and research system , It is divided into two parts: occupation and College , We don't just introduce promotion ROS, In vocational training ROS Robot knowledge supplement in , Some supplement in robot theory in College Teaching ROS Practice content , For different trainers , Set up personalized training scheme .

13-> About the founder

14-> These are some network resources , Continuous optimization and improvement , Blog at the beginning , video , And then there's a mirror image , To the platform of online learning practice , The goal is to lower the threshold of learning , Later, I will introduce it in detail . Video sharing from a single source , Share to image , And then I found some problems , Perfect for problems , Now it's easy to learn through one web page ROS. Less than half a year has passed since it was released 3000+ user , A lot of feedback , A lot of valuable experience , Expand the explanation .

15-> Shenzhen chuangxiang future robot Co. Ltd <> The curriculum plan of University , Characteristic is learning in practice .

16-> Open class -- Difference

17-> Open class -- Hierarchy

18-> Although translated a lot of books , But we still recommend that you read the English materials directly , It's just to help reduce ROS The threshold of learning .

19-> Two years of work , Use your spare time to visit many places , Mainly observe the opening of robot interest classes , Human demand of robot Enterprises , Robot teaching communication in Colleges and Universities , Discover different cities in robot education , Including universities and primary and secondary schools , The difference is huge .

Course data from the experimental building <>. Here is a very important question , Student's “ Move on ” And teachers “ Look back
”, Generally speaking , The knowledge that students learn is brand new , And the teacher is on the basis of mastering all knowledge , Organize and explain , This process belongs to different stages in psychological cognition . Teachers should grasp the key and difficult points and the explanation time of each knowledge point according to their own understanding , It is not suitable for students to study , The key and difficult points of feeling knowledge , The digestion time of knowledge points is also different . Traditional blog video and other ways can't get students' effective learning time , At present, according to the completion rate and effective learning time of students , It can accurately estimate the time spent by students at each knowledge point , Better distribution of teaching time , It would be too superficial to use only one function . Here is another important example , There is usually a class of students who are most easily ignored in teaching , It's about learning for a long time , But the learning effect is not so good , But if you use data, it's very obvious ( Long effective learning time , Average completion ), These students are usually introverted , Less communication , If you have a problem, you have to think hard , Apply the data , Take the initiative to care for and help these students , To make them grow better and faster . The course Q & A can also well understand the problems that students are interested in and the key and difficult points of students' perspective .

20-> To summarize , The above is the introduction and experience of some of our work . We have always been committed to making it easy , Novel, interesting and inspiring robot course .

21-> Make the classroom a laboratory , Make theory close to life . The teaching mode of knowledge transfer and thinking training , Developing instructional design .
How to combine fresh knowledge with rigorous thinking ? first , To answer a question :
Why ? I have considered the following three questions .

22-> First question , The problem of talent training and talent gradient ( The gap between artificial intelligence and robot talents is large ). It is divided into three aspects ( The fault of uneven distribution of educational resources ):
1 break of default in the continuity of talents
High cost , Resource waste coexists , High starting salary of relevant talents in key universities , It's difficult for colleges and universities to find jobs .
Division of labor is difficult due to talent fault , From top to bottom , Unable to complete successfully , Competent “ horizon ”, It's subordinates “ ceiling ”.
2 Culture cycle
No good thinking training, etc , No lifelong learning, etc ( Old ideas like iron rice bowl ), Directly meet the ceiling after the fault , Unable to grow , Can't form a virtuous circle .
3 The replacement of job opportunities by intelligent robots , Leading to the continuous improvement of talent requirements
Sooner or later, standardized work will be replaced by artificial intelligence and robots , Standardized education can not cultivate personalized talents . Mingming is learning more and more knowledge , Why is it more and more useless ?

The first is about market demand and human development , What kind of courses do we need to make students study best , Highest efficiency .

23-> What kind of courses conform to human nature and cognitive law , Efficient and dynamic ?
Existing courses such as engineering courses , Divide chapters by knowledge and technology , Whether to consider the cognitive laws of different students in different schools . A case of teaching plan design from students' Cognition .
Qualified procedures -- Elegant program -- Differences between breakthrough procedures .
summary , It's better for students to take the initiative to learn than to speak well . What are the characteristics of Robotics ?

24-> Interdisciplinary , Technology and art , The difference between fusion and combination . So how to do it ?

25-> Like sailing, like climbing , It's not a simple way to tell students the route of navigation and mountaineering . It's about teaching them the skills and essentials of sailing or mountaineering , Let them choose their own way freely , Some are fast, some are slow , But eventually we can reach the destination and the top of the mountain , Enjoy your own scenery .

teach students in accordance with their aptitude , Thousands of people, thousands of faces and thousands of faces ( Taishi Gongyan , All the people in the world are for profit , The world is bustling ). Maximizing the interests of students is the initial intention of Education , Preaching and education .

What is the essence of Education ? Let students know themselves , Understanding the world , Know what you can do , What kind of talents does society need , Combined with our continuous efforts , Take your own life path .

Recommended reading , Click to open .
( From the text : The purpose of education is not just to impart knowledge , Teach skills , We need to teach people to find a sense of direction .)

26-> School buses in the United States , What the students saw out of the window was the view of Mars .

27-> Starting from the common sweeping robot of students , Elicit knowledge , Robot mathematical modeling , Derivation of kinematic model , Knowledge transfer from model to formula program , Messaging mechanism , To robot simulation , Algorithm test , And finally back to the robot itself , Lab into classroom , Practical middle school theory . From life , To life .

28-> Explain from trying to break the rigid thinking , Open and inclusive thinking , Reuse fragmented time for effective learning .

29-> Design Teaching in the way of game , Interesting , Experience the fun of learning in competitive environment . Happy learning atmosphere conflicts with rigorous thinking ability .

30-> Learning skill points , Plan the course by designing the game , Turn the key and difficult points into fighting monsters and upgrading , Enjoy learning .

31-> Let's have a look at this story and have a good time , Right , At the end of each term, some teachers will receive such expression packs , We are furious , Central , Only a third of children have computers , Many can't get online yet , We mourn its misfortune
, In the end, a lot of people became spectators , Think this is destiny , Left , Like the great protector - Prince Jinjiang and peanut man - The line of , Exit kiln , Stereotype . Is that true ? Sometimes I hear a word , There must be something hateful about the poor , It's a reality , But I prefer the reverse , There must be pities in a hateful man , It's compassion , Education needs compassion , Need humanistic care . The rapid development of artificial intelligence and Robotics , Education is also on the rise , But I deeply hope that the progress of science and technology can narrow the educational gap between children from different families , At the same time, I firmly believe that ,
In the sunshine of socialism , Whether rich or poor , All should enjoy equal right to education .