Abstract: What methods are proposed , What problems have been solved , What are the advantages

Introduction: Problem introduction , research status , Problems of existing research methods , How do you solve this problem , Summarize your innovations

Related work:  Classic approach ( No introduction ), New methods in recent years , What's most relevant to you , You will introduce some methods of comparative test . General content in one sentence and two sentences , and
Introduction There may be some repetition , But the narration is different .Introduction Need to look at the overall situation , No details needed .

Model: Model introduction , formula ( Symbols should be consistent ), Model diagram, etc

Experiments:  Data set introduction , Introduction to the method of comparison , Result chart , Comparison of results ( Experience shows that your method works ), model analysis ( The analysis experiment is consistent with your expected results ).

Conclusion: Summary , What did you propose and what did you achieve , What does analytical experiments prove . Follow up work .