anaconda Refers to an open source Python Release , It contains conda,Python etc. 180 Multiple science packages and their dependencies . Can help python Developers save a lot of work installing science packs . Let's briefly introduce how to Ubuntu16.04 Installation in environment Anaconda3.

first , go Anaconda Download address for <>
Download corresponding python Version of Anaconda install files .( What I download here is python3.6 Version of )

After downloading , The command line enters the Under the path of the file :
[email protected]:~/Downloads$ sudo bash Welcome to Anaconda3 5.0.0 In order to continue
the installation process, please review the license agreement. Please, press
ENTER to continue >>>
then , Press enter to continue as prompted .
next , It will prompt you to accept the agreement , Enter directly here yes, Press enter again ( Don't press enter directly , The default is no)
Do you accept the license terms? [yes|no] [no] >>> yes
Next, you will be prompted to specify the installation path , You can use the default , You can also specify it yourself ( I have assigned myself to a folder here )
Anaconda3 will now be installed into this location: /home/zerozone/anaconda3 -
Press ENTER to confirm the location - Press CTRL-C to abort the installation -
Or specify a different location below - [/home/zerozone/anaconda3] >>>
Then wait for the installation process to complete , You will be prompted if you want to Anaconda Installation path of added to PATH In environment variable , input yes Just fine .
installation finished. Do you wish the installer to prepend the Anaconda3
install location to PATH in your /home/hj/.bashrc ? [yes|no]
If you enter no, Then we need to manually .bashrc Add to file export PATH="/opt/anaconda3/bin:$PATH"
, And then on the command line, type source ~/.bashrc

thus ,Anaconda Just install it , Testing Anaconda Before installation , We need to shut down the current terminal first , After restarting and opening another terminal , Before testing , input python To see if the installation was successful
$ python Python 3.6.2 |Anaconda, Inc.| (default, Sep 22 2017, 02:03:08) [GCC
7.2.0] on linux Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more
information. >>>
We found that , Now start in terminal Python, Has been replaced with Anaconda Of Python 了 , This means the installation is successful .

We can also enter the following command to start anaconda-navigator, It's integrated Anaconda Some tools .( be careful , It may take a long time to open , Just wait patiently )