How can a blog interact without comments , That's too boring , It's anti human . I've just learned a little fur recently , hold hexo Blog set up . So I want to toss the comment system . Check the current situation of the third-party comment system on the Internet : It's off , Netease cloud post 8 month 1 No. closed , Speak out for record ,Disqus Quilt wall . Ha ha Da , So what's left ? It took a lot of effort to search , I have selected several comment systems that I am satisfied with : Laibili (LiveRe),Valine,gitment. Let's talk about it in detail .


How to play this ? First of all, register your account <>
. I find hexo There are many accounts registered in the game ! Log in and click the top right picture , Enter personal management page . Then add application information , Here are the pages that have been added successfully .

Laibing also has a comment reminder function , Humanization .

The most critical step , click “ Code management ” find uid, Copy it .

At last Next Theme configuration , modify _config.yml In livere_uid, To be copied uid Just paste . And then deploy it ,OK.

The page effect is as follows , Support multiple third-party account login , It looks very moving .

Tested , It doesn't seem to be very friendly , Send a comment and report it directly 504 error (504 The mistake is ( gateway timeout )
Server as gateway or proxy , But the request was not received from the upstream server in time .). Does the egg hurt ? I was wondering if I had a configuration problem , So I went to someone else's hexo Comments on Blog , The same mistake was reported , Finally, I tried my cell phone again , Can't comment , How can I play this , Send to the circle of friends , Can't comment , How to pretend ?( Manual funny ).

Silently livere_uid Configuration is empty .


Start tossing Valine <>.Valine It's based on Leancloud Fast , Simple and efficient comment system without back end .

register Leancloud

1, open Leancloud <>, After signing in , Enter personal page , Create app , Choose development version OK.

2, After creation , Click the settings button at the top right of the application , Enter the settings page .

3, In application Key Can view App ID,App Key, For on page new Valine Use when .

4, In the security center , fill in Web Secure domain name , as <>
, Prevent others from stealing your server resources .

5, In storage - Create in data Class ‘Comment’, Database table for comments .

6, go back to Next Theme configuration , modify valine Related configuration

After deployment, you can see the effect , Comments are finally working .


Finally, I'll toss gitment. Quote the author <> The words .

Gitment It is based on GitHub Issues
Comment system of . Support for direct introduction at the front end , No back-end code required . You can log in on the page , see , comment , Like and so on , At the same time, there are complete Markdown / GFM
And code highlighting support . Especially suitable for all kinds of GitHub Pages Static blog or project page for .

* register OAuth Application
Open registration page <> Complete registration

After successful registration, you will get Client ID and Client Secret, Then start configuration Next

Deploy it and you'll see the effect .

If you want to show multiple comment systems , Layout needs to be changed , You can leave a message to discuss what you need to know .

My hexo Small blog , Welcome jab ! <>