Time past quickly. , I've graduated in a flash 2 Years old , Looking back, two years is not long or short , Two years can do a lot of things , Two years can make a person waste .

Looking back on the days when I was fighting in the school laboratory, I always felt happy and full , From using Altium designer
Schematic drawing to generation PCB, Reuse the heat transfer paper PCB Figure transfer to CCl , Method of using ferric chloride to oxidize copper clad laminate , We used this primitive method to do this PCB Making of circuit board . What's fresh in my memory is the time for the school's electronic design competition , When I'm oxidized PCB When the board is in good condition , I've found the birds crowing in the morning . I was holding a book 《 Electronic design starts from scratch 》 As a treasure , Watching it all day , I don't know that the most important thing in hardware design is hands-on ability , Only you did it , I'll have a deep understanding , Experience the truth . It's hard to avoid many detours . Gradually, I don't seem to have much interest in hardware , It's just a coincidence Linux, At first, I thought the colorful text interface was really interesting , Many detours have been taken under self-study , from redhat reach ubuntu, Again from Ubuntu reach centos, Again from cent
os reach fedora almost Linux I learned the version of , Finally, when I learned threads and processes by myself, I began to feel some difficulty , And it happened that I was looking for a job , So my linux
That's the end of the road to learning . Always think school is the best , Because what I want to do can be done according to my own interests , Completely undisturbed by other external factors , Like money , People's opinions, etc .

After work, I became a project manager by chance , Hardware project manager !!! Always tell leaders that they want to learn some skills , The leader's answer is that the project manager can not understand the technology , Now more and more people think this sentence is unreasonable , Because when there are technical difficulties in the project , It is difficult to grasp the key points of the project and lead the project into a correct and reasonable direction . As project manager , Of course, at all costs to ensure the quality and timely delivery of the project , Provide customers with a satisfactory product . A project to write down 155 Documents for ,35 Technical documents ,120 Project process documents , It's a sea of documents . Sometimes I want to learn some skills , I can always grasp my own project , however , It always backfires , having a heart but no strength . My project manager is responsible for presales , After sales , Technology as a whole , It's too tired .

I always feel that my predecessors are no matter what , We should learn some techniques , It's also worthy of the title of young people . A project manager who does not stand at a certain technical level is not a good project manager , Maybe I said something absolutely , But now, with my experience , It's the feeling . therefore , Decided to pick up the technology again to learn , But it's a little confusing , It's time to learn ARM, still FPGA still Linux, Because there are so many things to touch . So I made up my mind , Remain unchanged based on access to existing projects , Continue as project manager , Gradually distribute the technology in the project to yourself , Then use your spare time to learn the technology you are interested in . Wrote so much , Seems to have nothing to do with the project manager , Hope to have a partner with the same experience , Can encourage , Let's come on together .