It is necessary to read the text 1 minute .

Old readers know that , I will send you some signed books every month , There's no other reason , I just want to give you some benefits , Want to give you the most affordable interaction .

18 For the first time in , These books are carefully selected by me from the library of Turing education and blog view , Some are new books , Special thanks to Turing education and blog viewpoint press .

Not much nonsense , The books for this lottery are :

These books are all of my own choosing , Sent out this time 40
book , A little bit , Because you don't make a dime every time you send books , And sign it , Delivery is very troublesome , I tip the courier every time , therefore , Express fee needs to be paid by winning readers , I give you about a thousand gifts every year , I hope you understand .

You think this is over ? after all 18 First book delivery in , So there are perks .

last time GDD an assembly , actually Google Sent me a bunch of gifts , There are plenty of gifts , Yes Google Computer package , sound ,T Shirt , Umbrella , Stickers, etc , Before some of them GDD
Lottery , Part of it went to my friends and planet ball friends , The rest of it , It's going to be delivered this time , therefore , Besides books , The following gifts will also be delivered along with you this time :

Google Postcard

 Google sound

Google Sticker

in addition , Some more GDG T Shirt , No pictures available , All in all, these are Google Official Souvenir , Absolutely not for sale , You can't afford it .

therefore , The total prize is 40 This signature book + Google Souvenirs ( About 20 More than , We have to go back and count it ), It's the largest ever , Thank you, too
Google Dad's sponsorship .

As many readers have known before , My appreciation is usually closed , Usually you don't get a chance to appreciate good articles , But the appreciation will be open once a month , It's in the lottery , Every article of this month , Which one is a little enlightening to you , You can appreciate it. One time, I'm satisfied , As gratitude , In addition, I will give you a chance to draw .

Above prize , I'll take these lucky readers from the list of compliments , Give away all the prizes ,Google Prize sent at random , of course , Like it at the same time +
The chances of winning the review will be higher . Once a month , I also hope that my activities can make you really feel my sincerity , You can get involved , I will try my best to get more benefits for you in the future , Thank you for your recognition and support .

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