OPC It's a cross brand PLC Communication mode of ,OPC Compatible with many brands PLC, At the same time, it provides a series of standard interfaces for software developers of upper computer . As long as the developers master this set of interfaces , Then you can follow any PLC Communicate .

    But because OPC Using Microsoft's OLE technology (Object Link
Embedded), Its interface passes COM Provided by .COM Technology is a very complex technology of sharing components , Most programmers can't master this technology very well , In the actual development process , Or we can't OPC Get communication , Or run the program for a while and it will crash . Is there any way to overcome these problems ?

    The answer is to use the communication library developed by Da Shen :ButterflyOpcClient. This is a standard DLL library , support C# , VB ,VC,
LabView,Delphi,....  As long as the development platform calls DLL Functional , Can be used . The communication library encapsulates the OPC Communication function of server , link : Click to open the link

      Industrial control guys, hurry up get Get up , Enjoy the pleasure of communication success !