win10 to configure MongoDB And visualization tools Robo 3T

First go mongodb Official website <>
download MongoDB, What I download here is 3.4 Version of , It's not the latest 3.6, Because I have to pretend Robo
3T Visualization tools currently only support MongoDB3.4.( You can also choose other visualization tools , I just like it Robo 3T)

After downloading, double-click install , stay choose setup type
Interface selection custom option , Change the installation path to C Root directory , as C:\MongoDB\Server\3.4, Next, install by default .

Then create MongoDB Folder where data and log files are stored , I was in D The root directory creates a data folder , Again data Create in folder db and log folder

stay log Create a new text document in the folder Then name it mongo.log, Note that the suffix is log, no txt.

And then windows Searching in search cmd, And open as Administrator , Then go to MongoDB Installation path

Then enter :

mongod --bind_ip --logpath D:\data\log\mongo.log --logappend --dbpath
D:\data\db --port 27017 --serviceName "MongoDB" --serviceDisplayName "MongoDB"

Carriage return operation , Pay attention here logpath as well as dbpath Change to your own path

If there is no error prompt , Right click my computer again to open management , If you find it in the service MongoDB service , explain MongoDB The configuration is correct .

In the browser URL bar, enter :localhost:27017, If the following information is output , explain MongoDB No problem with configuration .

Next install Robo 3T, Go to official website <> download Robo 3T, Then double click Install .

Open after installation Robo 3T, Select new connection

Then you can see it visually MongoDB Database .

thus ,windows10 upper MongoDB as well as Robo 3T Just configure it .