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Programming language ranking affects every programmer's heart ,12 month TIOBE Published the latest programming language ranking data , The top three are Java,C,C++,Java Still on top , Strength should not be underestimated .

12 Monthly programming language ranking

Ranking change of mainstream programming languages

Compared with last month , The top three have not changed ,Java Market share has been improved again ;SWift experience 11 After the fall of the month ,12 Monthly ranking rebounded , From the 20 Name goes up to 11 name , Continued recovery remains weak ,1 Whether the recovery trend can be maintained in the month , It's magical to see ; Let's see php, Ranking is very anxious , From the first day of October 8 One down to No 9, A steady downward trend , Minutes before the fall 10 Possibility of !
Top 10 programing language TIOBE Index trend (2002-2017)

We can see from the trend chart , lately 10 year Java Steady performance with progress , Continue to occupy the first place in the ranking ; from 2015 Began to be impacted by Internet programming language , Basic computer language c Language diving , But it's still in the top three , It can be seen that large programming languages are facing “ Minor languages ” Impact of , Very stable performance .
Ranking of other programming languages
The first 21-50 The name is as follows , Possible omissions :

Historical ranking (1987-2017)
notes :  The following ranking depends on 12 Months average .

explain :TIOBE
Programming language community ranking is an indicator of the popular trend of programming languages , Monthly update , This ranking is based on experienced programmers on the Internet , Number of courses and third-party vendors . Ranking using famous search engines ( such as
Google,MSN,Yahoo!Wikipedia,YouTube as well as Baidu
etc. ) Calculate . Please note that this ranking only reflects the popularity of a programming language , It doesn't mean a programming language is good or not , Or how much code a language writes .

This ranking can be used to check whether your programming skills are up to date , It can also be used as a basis for language selection when developing a new system .

notes : Reference for this information :TIOBE Published data

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