It's time to go home for the new year , ineluctable , I also want to explain this year's career with my parents and the three grandmothers and six aunts who will arrive later , Can't help but want to write a poem :

Go home every year like college entrance examination

There are so many relatives' problems

Be patient and answer well

Otherwise, the Spring Festival is not good

those years , About work , As a programmer, what questions or misunderstandings have you encountered from your relatives and friends ?

What kind of group are programmers in the eyes of laymen ?

“ Let's play a code for my uncle and aunt ”▼

“ Come and fix my computer ”▼

“ Fifty thousand a month is like five thousand a month ?”▼

“ You did the product manager's car accident ”▼

“ Be careful to wear a green hat ”▼

“ The same style of plaid shirt you have 10 Pieces ”▼

“ Reenter Bug I will sacrifice you to heaven ”▼

“ Women programmers are men ”▼

“ Is not hair loss due to work unsaturation ”▼

There are so many misunderstandings about our programmers ...... Here's not a list ! As a programmer , No one knows the life of a programmer better than himself , Every programmer has his own ideal , But what's the company besides that broken computer ?

Today's editor uses the method of moving graph to show you the teaser of programmers , Lovely group .

Programmer humor : Make you laugh till you have stomachache

Programmer's living state ▼

Binuclear CPU The truth of ▼

The school of the year C The process of language ▼

Test environment everything ok, Go online now ▼

debugging Bug▼

Debugging , Suddenly, the memory overflowed ▼

what the fuck , You move my code , Do you know how serious the consequences are ▼

Requirements document changed again ▼

Senior programmer explains how to use his library ▼

A single Internet dog day ▼

New year home , There are always questions from family members , As a programmer, how do you explain programming to laymen ?

Programmers explain programming to laymen like this

This answer is not about how programmers buy apples in their lives , It's about buying Apple as an example of how programmers solve problems .

Programmers need a thorough analysis of the problem , Clarify all the details involved , Forecast all possible accidents and non accidents , List all steps of the solution , And test the solution as comprehensively as possible .

And that's what I think is hard to program , Any omission will become Bug, Light will lead to scolding , In particular, it will cause economic loss or even harm safety .

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