2018 The beginning of the new year , But blockchain has undoubtedly been heavily invested in the sea of the Internet , And make waves , Arouse the attention of the whole people , Everyone is looking at the blockchain , And the ripples also spread to various industries and personal interests .

Stock prices of listed companies related to blockchain soared , Even changed the company name to “ Blockchain company ”, To raise the stock price , I want to take the opportunity to make a profit .

Not long ago “ Soar to the sky 2018 Global blockchain annual meeting ” upper , Hip hop finance was lucky to interview blockchain game “ Cloudfish ” Mr. Zheng Huajiang, co-founder of .

“ What is the reason why you contact blockchain ? How do you think of combining blockchain with game ?”

Zheng Huajiang, co founder of Yunyu : I've been focusing on blockchain application class , Whether it's hardware or application , All hope to invest and operate some practical blockchain projects that can be implemented .

The virtual property of the game itself is relatively strong , The game players themselves are a group with strong ability to accept virtual goods and new things . So the combination of game and blockchain is a relatively easy way to find a large number of users .


“ Cloudfish ” Is it a game ?

Zheng Huajiang, co founder of Yunyu :“ Cloudfish ” It's based on Ethereum (Ethereum) A smart contract on , It's a game and a platform .

It uses blockchain technology to store game assets on the Ethereum blockchain through smart contracts , Cross platform use of game props can be realized through the platform , When the community matures, it's not limited to games , It can also be extended to other applications .


“ That hatch ” Cloudfish “ What is the necessity of this project ?”

Zheng Huajiang, co founder of Yunyu : There are some games in this project , These are built-in systems , But in essence ,“ Cloudfish ” As a platform , We want it to realize the right of game assets .

in other words “ Cloudfish ” The necessity lies in the application of blockchain Technology , Redefining “ Game assets ” The attribution of .

“ Cloudfish ” It's a blockchain game , But it's not just a game , Through the game , It makes it easier for people to understand things ,“ Cloudfish ” These props are just a set UI system , and UI It is data analysis on the database , We can use blockchain technology to do many things , Do you understand that ?


” Um. …… Let's give you an example ?“

Zheng Huajiang, co founder of Yunyu : Like a string of numbers
010101, First two digits 01 Can represent clownfish , Next 01 Can represent yellow , Then it will be displayed as a yellow clownfish on this website , But other game developers can develop other games based on this code , such as 01 Can also represent a racing car , additional 01 Can represent blue , It's a blue car . Is it easy to understand ?

Blockchain is actually the code that stores digital assets , But how to analyze it is not limited to some form ,
“ Cloudfish ” It is through the image of game that we can better benefit from the wave of blockchain . In the future, all third-party game developers can “ Cloudfish ” This open source and open code system to develop UI System and props system .


” be like …… Got it , Can I give you another example ?“

Zheng Huajiang, co founder of Yunyu :
Based on your own identity , You can be Mom's daughter , You can be his colleague in front of colleagues , You have all kinds of identities , This is an analysis , But you're still the same , It's like a string of unchangeable code .


” What's the use of this parsing ?“

Zheng Huajiang, co founder of Yunyu :
This is what we cloud fish do , We find that there is a problem in the current game industry , For example, Netease , Tencent, these big companies , Large distribution channels control most of the traffic , They have access to production and distribution channels .

And at the same time , The small game development team faces another problem , If we don't do distribution through these big channels , The credit of their props system will be lower , Player's credit and adhesion to the game are not high enough .


” Do you think “ Cloudfish ” Where is the biggest difference between blockchain games and other blockchain games ?“

Zheng Huajiang, co founder of Yunyu : In traditional games , The social circle formed is closed and depends on a large centralized platform , Once the user leaves the game temporarily for various reasons , Will face the loss of communication circle , Investment loss and other risks .

And we “ Cloudfish ” Building credit system through blockchain , Because its data is unchangeable , Unless you put all the data of Ethereum ......( you'll see ~)

So this means that the user passes the
“ Cloudfish ” If the platform gets this prop , Even if the current game platform collapses , But as long as this block of code is still there , He has the ability to go to other games and turn them into other props . That is to say, small businesses and development teams can get credit for this system , So as to reduce the worry about the sustainable development ability of small teams .

“ Cloudfish ” Starting from the game , Build the game community and ecology , And develop enough applications on it , Develop players “ Props can be used across platforms ” This habit , So its physical examination is different from the normal game .


” Netease blockchain pampering game 《 Netease attracts wealth 》 Project spread , so , Blockchain in hot pursuit + It will take some time for the game to prove , How do you think cloudfish will accept this time , What are the development risks of blockchain games ?“

Zheng Huajiang, co founder of Yunyu : Netease project is mainly stopped by policy , There is no entry for French currency in the cloud fish project , Only accept virtual assets to purchase various virtual game props , To the greatest extent in line with the requirements of the policy .

At present, the biggest risk of blockchain development comes from the uncertainty of policy , On the one hand, it comes from the imperfection of the model . And I also think the blockchain market needs to be regulated , But what we need is professional and strategic supervision , Because only in this way can we ensure a good soil for nurturing blockchain .


Hip hop finance thinks , Since blockchain is an irresistible trend , So it's encouraging to build something that ordinary people can understand through blockchain technology , And it makes sense !

Mr. Zheng Huajiang thinks , On the one hand, the game industry intermediary provides credit , On the one hand, it monopolized the market , This will make it impossible for players and game developers to communicate directly . and “ Cloudfish ” What I'm doing is thinking
Break the situation of intermediary monopoly in the game industry .

Xu Xiaoping also said , Don't envy the fish , But to rush into the tide , Meet the impact of block chain to various industries .

Entertainment industry is the pioneer of this wave , And the first to join hands with blockchain is the game industry . last year 11
end of month , Overseas one is called 《CryptoKitties》 The game of , And in less than a week 190
Ten thousand dollar Ethernet currency transaction . It has brought the game industry 2018 The first tuyere of new year .

however , Can this technology bring a new game industry “ Eat chicken ” Competitive technological innovation and market enthusiasm , We don't know yet , And as for “ Cloudfish ” How far can I swim , We'll see .