With the explosive growth of Internet and mobile traffic , In recent years Redis,MongoDB,HBase Represented by NoSQL The rapid development of database ,NoSQL
Fast realization of business requirements by database , relaxed , low cost , Scalable features are popular with business developers and system maintainers , Make it develop from the original cutting-edge technology into a standard part of the technical architecture .

With artificial intelligence ,“ internet +” The coming of the times , We will usher in an Internet of things , The era of data explosion , The challenge for the database level will be more and more . In the future, each type of database should not stay in its own solidified field , Need to be closer to the application scenario , choice “ fuse ”,“ Breach ” Strategy of , More choices for users .

Integration of database software and hardware

Prediction according to Moore's law , The computer hardware will be 18-24
Months of explosive evolution and progress , How to make better use of the technology dividend of hardware in database kernel technology , Provide users with ultimate performance and stable experience , Need continuous efforts of each database product . as :25GE Network and
RDMA The emergence of new technology , How to better adapt database kernel technology to build distributed database for users is a new challenge and subject .

OLTP And OLAP Integration of

Traditional database architecture , Online data processing (OLTP) And online data analysis (OLAP) Data often needs two copies of storage , Efficiency and cost are challenges . Based on one data OLTP And
OLAP Mixed treatment , Free from traditional data warehouse ETL process , Reduce storage costs while greatly reducing data analysis latency , Make real-time analysis and decision system possible , Become the future direction of database development .

NoSQL And NewSQL Integration of

lately NewSQL Concept rise ,NewSQL A new type of relational database system , in the light of OLTP( read - write ) Workload , Seeking to provide and NoSQL
The same extended performance of the system , And still ACID and SQL Equivalency .NoSQL
Database system design , How to continuously improve the expansion performance , Separation of database computing and data storage , The enhanced ability to deal with things is NewSQL The way of integration .

Cost breakthrough

With AI and “ internet +” The arrival of , Explosive growth in data , If we keep cutting costs and providing more choices , It is to help the development and future of enterprises NoSQL
The premise of database being widely used . Provide multiple data storage methods , Automatic processing of hot and cold data separation and data compression is the product direction of the follow-up database to help users control costs .

Breakthrough in performance

The era of data explosion , Huge amount of data is a big problem . But with the Internet in traditional industries + Drive and the arrival of the Internet of things ,“ Ultimate speed ” It's a byword of the times . Database needs to show extreme performance on the basis of huge data , Provide end users with a silky experience through fast response .NoSQL Database needs to make better use of the bonus brought by hardware in performance , Continuously upgrade the technical architecture , Multiple performance improvements .

Breakthrough in stability

2017 year 11 month 28 day , Bitcoin transaction price breakthrough 1
The news of ten thousand dollars is encouraging , But behind bitcoin's popularity is the essence of a core : Decentralized blockchain Technology . The future technology will be open , delayering , Decentralized development of equality , So the requirement for the stability of the database has reached a new height . The database will be disaster tolerant to the same city , Remote disaster recovery , Development of multi living directions in different places , Continuously improve the stability of business access , Guarantee the permanent continuity of services .

Since the new era , Since the future . Magnitude of data , form , The pattern will be ever-changing , But what remains unchanged is data storage .“ fuse ”,“ Breach ” will be NoSQL Database and even the continuous advanced path of database .

2018 year 1 month 17 day , Alibaba cloud annual database intelligent future conference will be held in Beijing Star base , Talking about database fusion and breakthrough , Alibaba cloud database director , Product owner ,Redis
The father and other big guys bring you a feast of database , Forecast database future 20 Development trend in , Scan the code to sign up for the conference :