HR Favorite to ask programmers 10 Questions

I read a lot of articles recently , It's all about interview questions , I really don't understand , On behalf of the company, the interviewer wants to hire the best programmers , That means you need to come up with some meaningful interview questions . If you ask about useless rubbish , So it's easy to miss a lot of talented programmers . Of course, if you think you're going to scare these people away , Then you can ask the human resources department to interview people who are not really proficient in the program .

Why is it so serious ? This is because the answer to the question can reflect a person's situation , And the questions themselves tell the interviewers something about the company . If the interview questions are bad , So even if the interview process is perfect , It's possible that you didn't pick the best . No one wants to work with people with poor technical ability , And programmers can't stand it . at least , I am .

       therefore , To make sure that you can find really good programmers , And don't scare them away , The following questions must be addressed :

       1. Really? , Can write , Can write , code

       2. Be able to get things done

       3. reliable

       4. A bit of a nerd , be ready to help others

       5. Like to learn new things

Based on the above points , I sort it out 10 Interview questions . If it's me , As a programmer, if you're asked 10 Questions , I will feel sure that I can work happily in this company in the future .

       1. What is your favorite programming language ? What programming languages do you hate ? Why? ?

       2. If you want to add features to your most commonly used programming language , What function do you want ?

       3. Say a project you've been involved in , What are the difficulties in this process , How to overcome ?

       4. Have you ever done anything and ended up failing ?

       5. On a day off , All of a sudden, a colleague called to ask you for a quick response to a question about your recent code snippet , Do you feel angry and upset ?

       6. You're asked to deal with a lot of hard code , But you don't know how it works , No documentation, no testing , What would you do ?

       7. stay Zelda What's your favorite game in the series ? What else do you like ? Have you ever thought that if you developed it first minecraft, What will happen ?

       8. What websites do you like ?

       9. What book would you recommend as a must read ?

       10. Last but not least , Please explain the following terms :DRY,SOLID,YAGNI, Optimistic lock and pessimistic lock ),MVC And MVVM( Can be added by yourself )

in addition , The ability to write code should not be ignored . They can display their own code or implement a function required by your site . Truly capable programmers will be proud of their code , So we can have a good look , See if they're willing and willing to show their code .

       These questions not only ensure that we hire really good programmers , And make sure they're real people .