One objective
use Win10 Lower installation QT5.9.3, use QtCreator development ,QtCreator Integrated MSVC2015_32   
MSVC2015_64 as well as MinGW_32 Debugging and compiling environment of

Two Environmental description
system : Win10 1709

Software QT5.9.3 Download address : 
<>     download

Three Detailed operation
1, Download and install first VS2015, Just install VC++ Module , Download the installation steps and Baidu yourself .

2, download Qt after , Select during installation MinGW_32   MSVC2015_32    MSVC2015, And the options in the tool , Other options as needed .

3, After installation ,QtCreator It's going to be searched automatically 3 Versions of configuration , however MSVC The configuration of will have a yellow exclamation point warning , Should be MSVC2015 No debugging tools are configured in the build suite of .

4, Download it on Microsoft's official website WinSdk:
 , Install after download , Only one needs to be selected for installation Debug for Windows The tool of , Remove all others . After installation, the configuration is as follows .

5, See the figure below after configuration , Select configuration in the build Suite ,x86 choose x86 Of ,x64 choose x64 Of . Warning can be eliminated after configuration .