docker+tomcat Very slow to start , It normally starts for tens of seconds , find docker+tomcat How many minutes does it take to start , it is beyond logic and above reason

The root cause is  SecureRandom this jre The problem of tool class of . Then why SecureRandom generateSeed So slow , Even hanging on
Linux The operating system ?

Tomcat 7/8 All use
org.apache.catalina.util.SessionIdGeneratorBase.createSecureRandom Class generates safe random class
SecureRandom As session ID.

SecureRandom generateSeed  use /dev/random Seed generation . however /dev/random
It's a blocking digital generator , If it doesn't have enough random data to provide , It's waiting , This forces JVM
wait for . Keyboard and mouse input and disk activity can produce the required randomness or entropy . But there is a lack of such activity on one server , There may be problems .


Yes 2 Solutions :

1. stay Tomcat Solution in environment :

Can be configured by JRE Use non blocking Entropy Source:
stay Add such a line to it that will do .

2. stay JVM Solution in environment ( I use this method ):

open jdk Installation path $JAVA_PATH/jre/lib/security/ This document , Find the following :
replace with :

Perfect solution to the problem

Why is it worth here dev and random Add a point between them ? Because of one JDK Of bug, Some people say that even if securerandom.source Set to
/dev/urandom It's still in use /dev/random, Someone has provided an alternative solution , One of the alternatives is to securerandom.source
Set to /dev/./urandom Only then . There are also comments that this is not bug, It's intentional .