Remember when I first came out of school , It should be the same as today's 95 After almost , I was still scared , I'm afraid I can't find a job , I'm afraid I can't earn enough money to buy a house to support my family ,( Of course, there are other concerns ), But I didn't realize that I had the most precious wealth : young .

    Being young means having a clear mind to learn , So that we can make sure that we are making progress , Instead of being eliminated .

    Being young means having enough physical strength to work overtime in the company , Can use n Double the speed to accumulate experience ,n greater than 1 But less than 3, After all, only one day 24 Hours , comparison 8 hour , It can only be used at most 3 Time work .


    Younger means more impulsive , No worries , To be able to move forward , Not afraid of failure .


    Even because there is no burden , When you are young, you can spend your youth more , Do whatever you want ( Of course, it's not illegal ).


When I'm old ( First of all 40 You're old after you're old ), The burden of parents and children will make me not have enough time to earn extra money , And it's probably a very narrow choice to find a job at this age , Maybe even mental and physical decline . in short , Maybe it's not easy to earn money when you're old . Do I really have a sense of crisis ?



    Work till now , I changed from fresh meat to Bacon , There's less hair ( Maybe too much radiation, too hard ), My hair is white , What are the costs of beauty for me ?

    1 At least a family in Shanghai , And it can make parents , A decent life for the family and themselves .

    2 Opened a Taobao store , And it's the crown level ( I haven't done it for a long time ).

    3 Published a book in a famous publishing house , Although the ability is not enough , But it's also a bluff . The latest one is from the electronic agency ,java web Lightweight development interview tutorial

    4 Work is stable , The income is at least surplus .

    5 The most important point , Even if I'm out of work now , Somehow, it can ensure that the family can live without worry , So I don't have too many concerns when I make a big decision , It can do a good job .


But if you have no future, you have to worry , Because if you go against the current, you will go back , I'm afraid when I'm old, I don't do anything , So my goal is , On the one hand, supporting parents , Responsible for family and children , on the other hand , I hope my parents are healthy , Under this premise, we can have 1000 Million disposable funds ( It's not much in Shanghai , I guess it's just a suite in the center of the city ).

    perhaps 1000 It's really out of reach , But I also quote the famous sayings from the later teachers of marquis Zhuge . There's still hope , No more hope , No pie in the sky .



    For this purpose , I feel 2017 Years of hard work , Now I summarize some achievements in my career as follows .

Opened a blog in the blog Park ,4 For months , Yes 82 A friend paid attention to my blog . And my blog hits are pretty good , I've also boarded it 48 Hourly leaderboards and most recommended leaderboards . I would like to thank the administrator of blog park for his great help .

    2 I'm still following the rules at work , But at least at the architect level , stay 2016 end of the year , I don't even know the advanced learning path of an architect .

    3 Published a Book ,java web Lightweight development interview tutorial <>
, First print 2500 book , sale 4 For months , Sold nearly 2000 book , On Jingdong , There are 100+ Evaluation of , I didn't sell the books I wrote before , Although it can't be compared with Daniel's book , But at least I wrote it with my heart , It's worthy of the reader , This can be proved by JD's high praise rate .

    4 Finished a Book , Review in progress , And I got the book Spring Cloud Topic selection of , Continue to write next year .

    5 I've done a lot of extra fast work , Mainly lectures , The income is about 25000 Left and right .

    6 To ensure that they have enough motivation to move forward , Because I always see making more money than me , People with better conditions are working hard .

    The next step is reflection :

Although the weekend , Before and at night , I try to spare time to work and study , But I still played a lot of games , Although not addicted , But if you spend that time on learning , I'm not sure I'm better at architecture now .

I'm still working under the hood , I've seen some chicken soup , Say that a person's income is related to his friends , Specifically , Average the salaries of friends , It's the same as this guy's salary . Maybe I should get to know more technology bulls or people with original ideas on entrepreneurship , How to know ? Take part in more social activities .

    3 The mentality is not well controlled , It's easy to lose your mind when you encounter something unpleasant , Which leads to low efficiency of working and earning money , This may not be enough for work .

  Last but not least 2018 Wish of , First of all, parents and family members should be in good health ( This is the most important thing , If other wishes don't come true, I hope this will come true ), Second, it can make my income rise again 50%. When it comes to the second wish , I feel like I'm too vulgar , But in Shanghai , Besides using money as a standard , I can't find a better standard .

    I hope all my friends are here 2018 We can achieve our expected goal in .

    Written in 2017 The night of the last day of .