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Annual google Developer conference is about to start , At this year's conference ,flutter What kind of form will it show in front of you ,1.0 When will the version be released ? What are the application scenarios ? How is the performance ? Domestic flutter What is the developer ecology like ? As google What's interesting about the free fish stand of partners ? The rebellious spirit of overtime chivalry , Sincerely share with you .

google Developer Conference 9 month 20 Held in Shanghai , The role of idle fish team google Partners in the meeting . I received an invitation to write about this before I attended the meeting GDD Some of my experiences and opinions , So there is this article , Some personal views and feelings , For your reference . I hope it can help you more or less . Because I'm in charge of the team flutter The overall landing of , So the main concern is flutter Related issues .

flutter There are four topics at the developer conference this year , The first two topics focus on introduction flutter The advantages of , And the application scenarios at home and abroad , There are too many introduction classes . The last two discussions