I've been waiting for you, Blog GardenAndroid Client released today. In the old days, We often receive emails from Garden Friends, Ask our officialandroid
Client. It's embarrassing that we didn't, We can only recommend some open source third-party clients to users. Thank you very much for the development of the third-party client author, Can let the garden friends inAndroid
Browse blog Park Information. I'm glad, Today, our blog park officiallyAndroid endApp Released. Welcome to experience, Advice.

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The officialApp Now is1.0.3 Edition, There are still many deficiencies to be improved, If you encounter problems in the use process, Can send email to official email([email protected]
) Feedback questions or join the development communication group below. If you have good suggestions, we will be happy to accept them, We will continue to improve and update.

Update log:


* Adjust flash memory style
* Add hot update feature
Official development exchange group: 249415604