Word Bind blog Park account


Step1. openWord2016, Click in turn" Newly build" -> " Blog articles". notes: Without" Blog articles" term, You can search in the template search box.

    Step2. After entering the blog page, Click in turn" Management account" ->" Newly build"-> Choice" Other"-> click" Next step", Pictured.


    Step3. Enter in the new account page that pops up http://www.cnblogs.com/ Your user name/services/metaweblog.aspx
, Enter your blog Park account and password, Then click OK, Pictured.

    Step4. You will see the account information you added later, Click Close

    Step5. Then click Insert Type in the menu bar, Select the groups of the articles you want to write on the blog Park.


     All right. This is the end of preparation, Let's start our writing journey!


Getting to know the menu bar


A window usually appears when selecting a blog post template, There are two tabs:" Blog articles" and" insert". Selection" Blog articles
" Time, Use tools to edit blogs, Operations clipboard, Input basic text and application style, etc. Selection" insert" Tab when, Photos can be added to articles, Hyperlinks and other content.

* Type the title of the article at the top of the document.
* Click below the title, Start entering text for article.
After you type the entry, Clickable" Spelling check" Tools run spell checking. If text is selected, You can change the font of the text, Size, Color or alignment, Same way to modify traditional document format.

To categorize blog posts( So that others can find it more easily), Please click" Insert class".

* To post a blog post, Please click" Release". To publish a draft of a blog post for preview before publishing, Please choose" Release">" Publish as draft".

Reference resources: