This article is suitable for all PHP Development novice , Old bird and want to prepare to learn to develop PHP Procedure ape . as everyone knows ,PHP yes Web Programming the most popular programming language , If someone tells you , Yes
Serverless Of PHP WEB Developing new models , Are you curious and excited ? In the introduction Serverless Web Before developing a new model , Let's get to know PHP
Web Serverless The benefits of transformation :

* No need to purchase and manage infrastructure such as servers
* Elastic expansion , Dynamic expansion
* No operation and maintenance , Greatly reduce labor cost
* Pay on demand , Low financial cost
This article is to deploy WordPress Engineering in function computing environment as an example , How to use alicloud function computing to quickly build or migrate PHP Framework development Web
, Through this paper , You will learn about the following :

* Case overview <>
* Traditional server architecture VS Serverless framework
* Serverless Architecture details
* Function calculation run PHP Frame principle
* Case development configuration steps
* FC <>