Current container service kubernetes Support multiple forms of application access , The most common SLB:Port,NodeIP:NodePort, Domain name access, etc ; But if users want to be able to https Access the application , Container service kubernetes Default is not supported , The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate through a practical case https Access configuration for , Help users in Container Services kubernetes Configure your own certificate in .

According to the way of access , Currently, there are two ways to configure certificates , In the front end SLB Configure the certificate on the ingress Configure Certificate in . We will introduce the two methods in detail .

Mode 1 At the front end SLB Configure certificate on


Application adoption LoadBalancer Type service Access exposure .


       The certificate is configured in SLB upper , Access for external application access , It is still used to access applications within the cluster http Access mode .


       Need to maintain more domain names and IP Correspondence of address .