Quartz.NET Is a powerful, Open Source, Lightweight job scheduling framework, You can use it to create simple or complex job schedules for executing a job. It has many characteristics, as: Database support, colony, Plug-in unit, Supportcron-like Expressions, etc. stay2017 The last day ofQuartz.NET
3.0 Release, Officially supported.NET Core andasync/await. This is a big version, There are many new features and functions

Official website:http://www.quartz-scheduler.net/ <http://www.quartz-scheduler.net/>

Source code:https://github.com/quartznet/quartznet


new function

* Support async/await Task based jobs, Internal toasync/await work
* Support.NET Core / netstandard 2.0 and.NET Framework 4.5.2 And later
* By provider nameSQLite-Microsoft SupportMicrosoft.Data.Sqlite, Old providerSQLite It still works, It can also be used.
* Increased pairSQL Server Primary support andQuartz.Impl.AdoJobStore.UpdateLockRowSemaphoreMOT
* Remove from dependencyCommon.Logging
* deleteC5 Collections, Use.NET Built in frameCollections
* Add job schedule when plug-in startsXML Verification of documents
* stayTimeZoneUtil Add support for additional custom time zone resolver features in
API Incompatible

* Jobs and plug-ins are separated into a single assembly/ NuGet In bag Quartz.Jobs andQuartz.Plugins
* ADO.NET Provider name simplified, Provider name without version, for exampleSqlServer-20 => SqlServer
* API Method has been redefined, Mainly usedIReadOnlyCollection, This hides twoHashSets andList
* LibLog Hidden inside(ILog etc.), As it was meant to be
* SimpleThreadPool Vanished, Instead of using the system's thread pool
* The scheduler method has been changed to based onTask, Rememberawait they
* IJob Interface now returns aTask
* someIList Property has been changed toIReadOnlyList , To reflect the intention correctly
* SQL Server CE Support has been removed
* DailyCalendar Use date time to exclude date now, And haveISet Interface to access them
* IObjectSerializer There's a new way, Must achieve void Initialize()
* IInterruptableJob Context removedCancellationToken
Known problems

* Windows andLinux Time zone betweenid Something the matter, They use differentID
* .NET Core NoRemoting Support
This version has changed a lot, If you are an old user, Please read the migration guide carefully: