How to cut and save the middle part of the video ? When I watch the video, I find that there is a funny paragraph in the middle , I want to cut the video separately and share it on the network . Is there a tool to quickly cut video ? today , Tell you a simple video clip related operation . The meaning of video cutting production is to extract and save any part of the video , Set the start time and end time of cutting part of the video by yourself . Small editing is the use of video converter to cut .

Fast video converter

1, Today's tool for cutting video is powerful , The operation is simple , Here we suggest that you all use the software . Download and install the software at the above address .

2, Select function after running , We're here to cut the video , So we click “ Split video ” Button , Reach the segmentation interface .

3, Files can be added in this interface . click “ Add file ”, Then select the video material to be cut in the open dialog box , Click again “ open ”. The software can also merge multiple videos into one video , Specific operations can also refer to this tutorial .

4, Click on the video , choice “ clip ”, Then set the video clip we want to capture in this interface , In this window you can preview the video , After setting the start time of video clipping , click “ confirm ” You can return to the main interface .

5, After setting the position of the video to be cut , You can output the file , The default is the original format , It may not need to be modified , Direct click “ Split video ” that will do .

6, After the video output is completed , The whole operation of cutting video is completed . Finally, let's go through the process of operation , First, add the video material to the software ; Then set the start time and end time to cut the video ; Finally, click output .

Video format converter

That's how to cut part of the video today . There are several ways to set the cut time , Here to introduce to you is the most simple method that Xiaobian thinks .