<>KALI Linux Download and install

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This article mainly explains KALI Linux Image file download and VMware Install on virtual machine KALI;
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<> One ,KALI Linux Introduction to :

Baidu Encyclopedia <https://baike.baidu.com/item/linux/27050?fr=aladdin>:
Linux Is a set of free use and free dissemination of classes Unix operating system
, It is based on POSIX and UNIX Multi user of , Multitasking , Support multi thread and multi CPU Operating system of . It can run the main UNIX Tool software , Application and network protocol . It supports 32 Bitwise sum 64 Bit hardware .Linux Inherited Unix Design idea with network as the core , It is a stable multi-user network operating system .

Linux There are multiple distributions , Here are some versions available for download on the official website :

KALI Linux
Linux Is a senior penetration test and security audit Linux Release . As a user , I simply understand it as , A special Linux Release , Integration of carefully selected penetration testing and security audit tools , For penetration testing and safety designers . It can also be called platform or framework .
KALI Linux Its predecessor is BackTrack Linux Release .KALI Linux It is based on Debian
Of Linux Release , Including a lot of security and forensic tools . It consists of Offensive Security Ltd Maintenance and funding , First by Offensive Sesurity
Of MatiAharoni and Devon kearns By rewriting Back Track To complete .Back Tack Is based on Ubuntu One of the Linux Release .
KALI Linux Yes 32 Bitwise sum 64 Mirror image of bit , Can be used for x86 Instruction set . And it's also based on ARM Mirror image of Architecture , For raspberry pie and Samsung ARM
Chromebook. Users can use the hard disk ,Live CD or Live USB To run KALI Linux operating system .

<> Two , Download system image file

Baidu cloud Download kali-linux-2018.3-amd64 <https://pan.baidu.com/s/1lVRctSaj-4n8jyqarFYNJQ>

You can also enter kali Download image file from official website kali Official website <https://www.kali.org/downloads/>
, stay Downloads Choose from Download Kali Linux, As shown in the figure below .

Select the appropriate version according to the computer configuration , What I choose here is 64 Bit version , click HTTP Download Image File .

Select the appropriate version according to the computer configuration , What I choose here is 64 Bit version , click HTTP Download Image File .

<> Three , Create a new virtual machine

1. open VMware Create fit KALI Virtual machine for , Use custom configuration method , Click next

2. Click to install the operating system later , Click next

3. Select the client operating system and version , Click next

4. Enter the name and installation location of the virtual machine , Click next

5. The number of processors is given to two or more , Click next

6. Memory recommendation 3G, Click next

7. choice NAT Or bridge mode , Choose here NAT pattern , Click next

8. Disk type selection SCSI(S), Click next

10. Disk to 50G, And stored as a single file , Click next

11. Click Custom hardware

13. click CD/DVD, The device status is connect on startup , Click Browse to use the downloaded KALI Image file

14. click USB controller , Display all USB Check before input device , Click close , complete

<> Four , install Kali Linux

1. Turn on the virtual machine , Enter the installation interface , Select GUI installation (Graphical install)

2. Follow the procedure below

Domain name can be written or not

Set password

Use entire disk

Write to and modify the disk partition

Write changes to disk , The choice is ; After that, it took a long time to install the system , Wait patiently ;

Do you want to use network image , Choose No ! Because we have downloaded the image file

Be sure to GRUB Install to MBR upper , Otherwise, it cannot be started , The choice is !

choice /dev/sda, We only create sda This hard disk , Click continue

installation is complete , Click continue

enter one user name :root password :123456 Click login

be accomplished !!!

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