Baidu map cutting is very troublesome, Although Baidu maps providesapi, Baidu MapsAPI Currently, two map types are supported by default《map
type》: General and 3D, If you want to customize the map, So it's time to cut the picture... Let's share this article with you today《 Download and usage of Baidu map cutting tool》!

Let's start with the use of map cutting tools, Then analyze the code generated by the tool to understand how to customize the map. The map cutting tool is ongithub upper, The specific address is:, Need to download after enteringTileCutter.exe:

Be careful, The tool is based on.NET Platform R & D, Therefore, it is required to.NET Framework 4 Version above.

Baidu map cutting tool usage:

Start thisexe This interface will appear later:

The first step is to choose a picture as the base map:

Click next to set the output directory, Here we choose the desktop directly:

Continue to the next step, To set the output type here, We use the default, That is, the block and related code are generated by the tool:

Coordinate settings we use default values, That is, the location of the center point of the picture. Because we make independent map types, So the center point is set to0, 0 JustOK 了.

Level range settings: We use custom, Set range to5 reach10 level, The original picture is placed in the10 level, such5 reach9 Level 2 tools will automatically shrink the image. It is recommended that the level of the original drawing be consistent with the maximum level, Otherwise, if it is higher than the level of the original image, the image will appear empty《 Because the tool will enlarge the picture》.

Set the name of the map type:

Everything is ready. Finally, you can confirm that all the information is correct. And then you can click“ Start cutting”了.

It's done:

At this time, we will find that there is one more desktopindex.html And onetiles Folder. We openindex.html You'll see the results:

This wayOK了... the reason being thathtml Web page format for, You can right-clicktxt Open to see its source code
..... After reading it, you may think, It's easier and more convenient to use the third-party cutting tool...