Baidu map cutting is very troublesome , Although Baidu map provides api, Baidu Maps API Currently, two map types are supported by default 《map
type》: Ordinary and 3D drawings , If you want to customize the map , Then it is necessary to cut the diagram at this time ... I'd like to share this article with you today 《 Download and usage of Baidu map cutting tool 》!

Let's start with the use of the cutaway tool , Then analyze the code generated by the tool to understand how to customize the map . The cutaway tool is in the github upper , The specific address is :, You need to download it after entering TileCutter.exe:

be careful , The tool is based on .NET Platform development , Therefore, it is required to have .NET Framework 4 Version above .

Usage of Baidu map cutting tool :

Start this exe This interface will appear :

The first step is to select an image as the base map of the map :

Click next to set the output directory , Here we choose the desktop directly :

Move on to the next step , The output type is set here , We use the default value , That is, blocks and related code are generated by the tool :

Coordinate settings we use default values , That is, the location of the center point of the picture . Because we make a separate map type , So the center point is set to 0, 0 Just OK 了 .

Level range setting : We use custom , Set the range to 5 reach 10 level , The original drawing is placed in page No 10 level , such 5 reach 9 The level tool will automatically shrink the image . It is suggested that the level of the original drawing should be consistent with the maximum level , Otherwise, the image will be false if it is higher than the level of the original image 《 Because the tool will enlarge the image 》.

Sets the name of the map type :

Everything is ready , Finally, you can confirm that all the information is correct . And then you can click “ Start cutting ”了.

It's done :

At this time, we will find one more desktop index.html And a tiles folder . We open index.html You'll see the results :

So that's it OK了... the reason being that html Web page format , You can use the txt Open it and see its source code
..... After reading it, you may feel that , It is easier and more convenient to use the third-party cutting tool to cut the graph ...