This tutorial is mainly aimed at zero base small white users , Through the tutorial study, you can finally make a raspberry pie remote control car , And in the process of learning related knowledge , I hope you can give more guidance and exchange .
primary coverage :

* Setting up raspberry pie environment
* Raspberry pie GPIO Port control
* Raspberry pie USB Configuration and use of camera
* Raspberry pie cart
* Raspberry pie remote video car
* Raspberry pie and arduino signal communication
* Raspberry pie control arduino Car
* Raspberry pie combination arduino Remote video car
The following is the understanding and thinking of the whole project , It is easy to understand the meaning of each part in the whole project . This part can also be skipped first , Direct project , I'll look back after the final work is finished .

I've been in contact before 51 Monolithic and arduino, Although I haven't been exposed to raspberry pie , But it's all connected , The relevant principles are consistent . It is through programming to call the port on the development board , To control the actuator connected to it .

One , Raspberry pie is the equivalent of a microcomputer , Before use, you need to install the corresponding operating system , The relevant content will be explained in the chapter of setting up raspberry pie environment .
Two , Port call , Generally, the first project to do software is “hello
world”, For hardware control, the first project is “ Yideng master ”, Light up a LED . Successfully lit a LED , Port control related knowledge is also roughly mastered . In the same way, the motor can be controlled , Realize the movement of the car .
Three , The camera can be viewed separately from the control , They will not interfere with each other
Four , Finally, if you use arduino To make a car , How to use raspberry pie with arduino signal communication , Realize raspberry party arduino Car control .

The final work is shown below :

Materials to be prepared :( You can buy it on Taobao )
1, Raspberry pie 3B+ 1 block ( The kit with display can be purchased directly , Convenient for later operation , Otherwise, you need to connect the computer display )
2,32G SD card 1 Zhang
3, card reader 1 individual
4,USD camera 1 individual
5, portable battery 1 individual
6, Car set ( Including car body , DC motor , Wheels, etc )
7, L298N Motor drive board module 1 individual
8, DuPont line some
9, light-emitting diode at least 1 individual
The specific materials will be introduced in detail in subsequent tutorials .