Flamingo test official account

Flamingo test official account wants to provide a high quality testing peer exchange platform..

Now we provide high quality, The platform of systematic test articles is still relatively small, Test articles are scattered in various blogs, Forum, And the quality is uneven, It often takes a lot of time to search on the Internet, Identify.

Flamingo test wants to provide a high-quality test peer exchange platform, Technical articles should be timeless, Abreast of the times, Most needed, And it should be systematic.

For example, for automated testing toolsselenium Learning, Now it's better to follow the blog of system learning on the Internet, The information in the forum is good, Not systematic enough, Sometimes there's a pile of data, Make beginners unable to distinguish and choose.

For technical articles, Flamingo test should be divided according to the special topic, The articles provided by each project are experiencedQA Identified, Excellent articles that can follow the system. For example, first we will createselenium Topics, You can follow the article of this topic for systematic learning.

Test engineers are also welcome to post their test insights on it, Talk to you about the tests.

I will also post some jokes about development and test engineers, Take it easy!

Flamingo test will also organize or translate some foreign experts, Great test article to share with you, Let you also know the test trends abroad.

I hope you will pay more attention!