Flamingo test official account

Flamingo test official account wants to provide a high quality testing peer exchange platform. .

High quality products are now available in China , The platform of systematic test article is relatively few , The test articles are distributed in various blogs , In the Forum , And the quality is uneven , Learning often takes a lot of time to search on the Internet , identify .

Flamingo testing wants to provide a high-quality peer exchange platform , Technical articles should be timeless , abreast of the times , Most needed , And it should be systematic .

For example, automated testing tools selenium Learning from , Now it's better to follow the blog of systematic learning on the Internet , The information in the forum is also good , It's not systematic enough , Sometimes piles of data are piled up there , So that beginners can not distinguish and choose .

For technical articles , The Flamingo test should be divided according to the topic , The articles provided by each topic are experienced QA Identified , Excellent articles that can follow the system . For example, we will create it first selenium Special topic of , We can follow the article of this topic to study systematically .

Test engineers are also welcome to post their test insights , Talk to you about testing .

There will also be some jokes about development and test engineers , Take it easy !

Flamingo test will also sort out or translate some foreign experts , Big guy better test article to share with you , So that we can also understand the test trends abroad .

I hope you can pay more attention to it !