Ethereum (ETH) The latest mining course

At present, most of the Ethereum mining tutorials on the Internet are compiled very early , It's basically out of date . But mining is a process of continuous technological upgrading and updating , Therefore, this paper is compiled according to the latest actual combat situation , And strive to take time in the future to keep up-to-date .

One . Basic Requirements

ETH  Mining is mainly the use of video cards to mine . So you need a PC( Mining machinery ):

Video card , a main board , Power Supply ,CPU, Memory ( recommend 4G), Hard disk ( recommend 60G Of SSD),PCI-E Connecting line, etc .

The video card determines the mining speed , a main board , To a great extent, the power supply determines the stability of the mining machine . Two mine drawings are attached :

Two . Wallet address

Prepare your wallet address before mining , You can use the local wallet software , Get wallet address on trading platform .

Local wallet software :

Official graphic Wallet :

(github Server abroad , Slow download , Domestic users can download the following Baidu network disk address )

Domestic wallet image link : <>
  password : yqpj
Trading platform Wallet :

Fire money net : <>

OKCoin: <>

( Due to domestic regulatory policy reasons , Domestic trading platform will be in 10 month 31 Close trading business before , But the wallet can still be used )

Three . exchange ( go to sea ):

B network :

P network  : <>

Hong Kong BF network :

C network :

Users with poor English , Suggest to Hong Kong BF Net registered account .

Four . Mining setting

4.1 system

N Card recommended Win 7,A Card use Win 10 operating system . Be sure to download the pure version , Yes :
<> download .

4.2  drive

The latest version of the driver has not been optimized due to the mining software , Poor speed .

A Card suggestion 15.12 Version driven , Old cards, especially 2G Use of video memory 14.X Version driven , Make sure all graphics cards are identified .

N Card recommended 382.53 Version driven , Latest version of driver , Small aircraft overclocking stability is very poor . The driver can access NVIDIA Download from official website : <>, It can also be downloaded from the following images : <>   password : 18r3

4.3  Overclocking

A Card overclocking , It needs to be modified BOIS,BOIS There is a special article tutorial on the Internet , I don't want to talk about it here .

N Card overclocking , The best thing to use is the MSI MSIAfterburner( Commonly known as small aircraft ), Download link :
<>   password : y5pq , Here is a screenshot of the overfrequency operation of the small aircraft :

4.4  Mining software

At present, the mainstream mining software is Claymore-Dual-Miner, It supports “ETH/ETC+ Competitive currency (Decred/Siacoin/Lbry/Pascal)” single / Double mining function , Good performance , Stable operation . Domestic miners in Changsha , Catcher , The paladin , Mining software such as digital miner in China , The kernel is also used , But because of the addition of shell packaging procedures , On the contrary, the stability of operation is all decreased , Therefore, it is recommended to adopt Claymore Original program .

Download link from original site :

Image download link : <>    password :

It is suggested that Xiaobai use the version of mirror link , The configuration is optimized , More convenient to use . Unzip after downloading , Edit the corresponding start_xxx.bat file , Change to your own pool , wallet , And the name of the miner , Run directly after saving . Here are some examples of screenshots .

miner (Claymore) Package description :


Ethereum (ETH) Single dig configuration :


Ethereum (ETH)+SC Double dig configuration :

Screenshot of miner software operation :

The software of domestic miners such as Changsha miners is easy to use , Xiaobai can be used , Not much here , You can try it yourself .

4.5 Reverse pumping - Improve computing power and increase income ( necessary )

It is known to all ,Claymore Mining software should be extracted 2% Around the calculation power as the development cost , But domestic Changsha miners and other software pumping more serious . So in order to fight against exploitation , Increase the miner's own income , It is necessary to deploy and run anti pumping software .

Backpumping download link : <>
  password : wbeh

The software not only supports ETH/ETC Single and double excavation reverse pumping , Also supported ZEC Reverse pumping in mining . The following is a screenshot of the configuration and operation

Reverse pumping (NoDevfee) Package description :

Software running screenshot :

After running the software , Increased computing power in the ore pool :


Here we are ,ETH All the work of mining is ready , Just wait for the continuous harvest every day !!!

original text :


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