These days, The microblog circle of programmers quietly spread many posters of developers' hearts, Make complaints about the stereotypes and spitting of the public that developers often encounter.…… This pot, As developers, programmers say, It seems that there's another point……


Developer's career as a coder has been so difficult, But there is also love and killing between them. Domestic well-known technology communityinfoQ It also specially checked the slot points that developers despise each other in the first phase. It seems that every developer can only find a little inner pride in disdaining other developers.

In the spirit that it's not too much to watch, Let's take stock today…… Disdain chain of developers

A while ago, Network crazy group“ Programmer dry shelf product manager”, only because“ It's said that the product manager of an Internet company made a request, RequirementAPP Developers can change the theme color of the software according to the user's mobile phone shell, And then it started”. After the event, although the rumor is refuted“ Personal contradiction”, But the product manager's“ Why don't you understand my needs”, Developer's“ You don't understand the difficulty of my development” To be a couple“ Eternal contradiction”.

In the developer community, As long as one programmer yells out “PHP Is the best language in the world” Such words, It could lead to a spat of disdain.

Python Programmers will shout out:“ Life is short. I use Python” To conquer the world.”

C++ Programmers will be weak Python Just one sentence.“ You're awesomeX Just compare with me!”

Java Programmers laugh C++ Too complicated:“ Has the memory leak been fixed, There's still time to yell.”

With a huge background C# Programmers think Java pretend13, Shout“Visual Studio Is the best compiler in the universe.”



Programmers who work closely together are more likely to produce this“ Kill each other in love” Inner drama——

Architects look down on other engineers, I don't think I can give you a solid foundation, Where is the space for you to play;

Developers despise testing, Test this chore, Naturally, it's up to lower level programmers to do it;

Back end programmers despise front end programmers, You make an art, or you say you're a developer;

ResearchAI Algorithmic disdainAI Application programmer, You're my algorithmic porter, What's crazy about;

doOS The programmer of natural disdain develops the programmer of desktop application, Basic I will, Let's have a try at the bottom?




Developers are so unruly, Special species beyond reach, They want code logic to be perfect, The program is flawless, Even develop and use compilers, operating system, We need to compete.

Some people dare to say VS Universe first, Divine compiler's Vim Follow Compiler God's Emacs Naturally, I need to repair it


Used in development environment Linux Follow up MacOS Of each other. If it is used Windows Of, Naturally, the united front will be furious Windows. use Windows
There must be a few words floating inside……

actually, These developers are just having fun in their spare time. What's more? They make complaints about where they spend so much time.. In order to avoid being eliminated, Keep learning, The first time to master the latest technology; In order to make products that the industry cannot surpass, They fight day and night in the ocean of code.

Misunderstanding and contempt are not what developers really care about. They care more about learning and communication. Facing the new viewpoint of development, New method, They will study with great enthusiasm. Only the real hot spot for developers to learn and progress, They will be happy to pay attention and participate.


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