these days , Programmers micro blog circle quietly spread a number of developers heart-catching posters , Make complaints about the stereotypes and spitting of the public that developers often encounter. …… This pot , As developers, programmers have said that , It seems that there is a little truth in what I said ……


The developer's code farming career has been so difficult , However, there is also love and killing between them . Well known technology community in China infoQ It also specially checked the slot points that developers despise each other . It seems that every developer can only find a little bit of inner pride in despising other developers .

Small a in line with the spirit of watching the excitement is not too big , Let's take stock today …… The chain of contempt for developers

A while ago , A group of Internet craze “ Programmer dry shelf product manager ”, only because “ It is said that the product manager of an Internet company made a request , requirement APP Developers can change the theme color according to the user's mobile phone case , And then it started ”. Although rumor was refuted afterwards “ Personal conflicts ”, But the product manager's “ Why don't you understand my needs ”, Developer's “ You don't understand the difficulty of my development ” To be a couple “ Eternal contradiction ”.

In the developer community , As long as one programmer calls out “PHP It's the best language in the world ” Such words , It may trigger a war of words of mutual contempt .

Python The programmer will yell :“ Life is short , I use it Python” The slogan of "conquering the world" .”

C++ Programmers will be weak to Python Said a word ,“ you're awesome X Just compare the speed with me !”

Java Programmers laugh C++ Too complicated :“ Has the memory leak been fixed , There's still time to yell .”

With a huge hard backstage C# Programmers feel that Java pretend 13, Yell “Visual Studio Is the best compiler in the universe .”



Programmers who work closely together are more likely to have this “ Love and kill each other ” The inner drama of ——

The architect looks down on other engineers , I don't think I have a solid foundation for you , Where can you play ;

Developers look down on testing , Test this chore , Naturally, it's up to lower level programmers to do it ;

Back end programmers look down on front end programmers , If you do art, you mean you're a developer ;

Research AI Look down on Algorithm AI Application programmer , You are my algorithmic porter , What's crazy about it ;

do OS Of course, we despise programmers who develop desktop applications , I will be basic, too , You're going to try a bottom-up one ?




Developers are so unruly , Special species beyond reach , They want perfect code logic , Want the program to be flawless , Even development and use of compilers , operating system , We should fight for the next one .

Some people dare to say VS Universe first , God's compiler Vim Follow Compiler God Emacs It's natural to fix it, brother


In the development environment Linux Follow up MacOS Mutual disdain . If you encounter Windows Of , Naturally, the united front will be hostile Windows. use Windows
The programmer's heart will certainly float a few words ……

actually , These developers are just chatting in their spare time . What's more? , They make complaints about where they spend so much time. . In order to avoid being out of date , Learn all the time , The first time to master the latest technology ; In order to make products that the industry can not surpass , They fight day and night in the ocean of code .

Misunderstanding and disdain are not what developers really care about . They care more about learning and communication . Facing the new viewpoint of the development circle changing with each passing day , new method , They will study with great enthusiasm . Only the hotspots that really let developers learn and progress , They will be happy to pay attention to and participate in .


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