Recent articles , It's all around “ General Certificate ” Two word expansion , Including why the circular should be issued ? What rights and interests does the pass represent ? What is the contradiction between these rights and interests ? wait .

Start from today. , The core of our discussion will be “ General Certificate ” Two more words on the basis of , become “ Token economy ”.

When there is something phenomenal in society , There will always be people who use the perspective and method of economics to analyze it , And then come up with a new word : So and so economy . For example, super girl economy , Fan economy , Attention economy and so on . The emergence of token economy , Of course, it's the same routine , It came into being because of the popularity of the concept of general syndrome .

Economics as an independent discipline , It has a long history , Its theoretical system is very large . therefore , When using economics as a tool to analyze something , It's easy not to start , Or flow on the surface .

however , No matter how grand the theoretical building is , It has to have its own foundation . The foundation of economics is the principle of economics . I believe everyone has learned geometry , There are countless formulas in it , theorem , prove .

But do you know , All of these formulas , theorem , The proof can be obtained from the short 5 The article postulates the reasoning ! this 5 The postulate is the foundation of geometry . same , Starting from the economic principle of foundation , It can also deduce all the economic theories .

therefore , Instead of using advanced economic theories , It is better to analyze the general evidence with simple economic principles . because , The latter is more fundamental , The conclusion is more solid .

economics , The bottom layer is actually a simple ten principles . Ten economic principles , It can be divided into three parts :

Part one , How do individuals make decisions . The individual here can refer to a single person , It can also refer to an organization that makes decisions as a whole , Like a family , A company , An institution, etc . This part contains four principles .
Principle one : people face trade-offs .
Principle 2 : The cost of something is something you give up in order to get it .
Principle 3 : Rational man considers marginal quantity .
Principle 4 : People respond to incentives .

Part two , How do individuals trade with each other . This part is about the individual decision-making on the basis of their own , How to deal with each other . All the decisions and transactions make up “ Economics ”. This part contains three principles .
Principle 5 : Trade can make everyone better off .
Principle 6 : Markets are usually a good way to organize economic activities .
Principle 7 : Governments can sometimes improve market outcomes .

Part three , How does the overall economy work . This part is to treat all trading individuals as a whole , To examine its specific operating principle . The whole here is different from the overall decision in the first part , The overall decision-making in the first part masks the overall internal details and trading situation , Here, the whole is more focused on the internal effects of specific stimuli . This part also contains three principles
Principle 8 : A country's living standard depends on its ability to produce goods and services .
Principle 9 : When the government issues too much money , Prices are rising .
Principle 10 : The society faces the short-term alternation between inflation and unemployment .