Plato once raised three famous questions ,“ Who am I? ?”,“ Where do I come from ?”,“ Where are you going ?”, In kindergarten, I was often tortured by these three problems , I can't think of a reason . After learning history in junior high school , At that time, I thought we were evolved from ancient Chinese human beings , For example, Yuanmou people in China , Beijing people , Cave man or something . Because of the disappearance of the forest , Can only learn to walk slowly , And it's slowly becoming what it is now . But there are many mistakes in our habitual cognition , Here are some of the points I've come up with .

Man originated in Africa .

I used to think that the Chinese were born and raised in this part of China , But recently I read a lot of books about human evolution , Changed my mind , People in China today are not native , They moved from other places , 3.2 million years ago , Lucy, the great grandmother of mankind, once lived on the African continent ( The label is wrong about its year , Should be 320 Ten thousand years ), This is the earliest ancestor recognized by the academia .

At present, there is only one kind of person in the world : Homo sapiens .

This group of Homo sapiens who came out of Africa in tens of thousands of years , Gradually occupied the world , Become the master of the world , So we were born masters of the world . In the history of human evolution , There have been many kinds of human beings , But except for Homo sapiens , The rest are extinct . We are the only human species to survive . Biologically, the species of organisms are divided by the presence or absence of reproductive isolation , Obviously, both white and white , Yellow or black , Can combine with each other to produce offspring , Offspring can also continue to produce offspring , But the offspring of horses and donkeys, mules are not , So horses and donkeys are different species , So there is no reproductive isolation in the world , They are all Homo sapiens , Because Homo sapiens came out of Africa tens of thousands of years ago , Tens of thousands of years is not enough time to produce reproductive isolation .

Most of the archaeological excavations in Chinese mainland are not Chinese ancestors. , The ancestors of Chinese people should have started from Africa more than 100000 years ago , The sixty thousand batch of Homo sapiens arrived in Chinese mainland about three years ago. .

More than 6 Ape man ten thousand years ago , It's also from Africa , But they are Homo erectus , It's been extinct for a long time , It's not related to us by blood , We don't carry their genes . Homo sapiens in the lower left corner are our ancestors , It was not Homo sapiens who occupied the East Asian continent at that time .

In North Africa and Europe , Homo sapiens exterminated Neanderthals , Homo sapiens and Neanderthals share a common ancestor : Heidelberg , So some of the Neanderthal genes survived during the genocide , We all have them now 1% reach 4% Neanderthal genes . In East Asia , Homo erectus became extinct because of his inability to adapt to the environment , Homo sapiens occupied Asia . Ten thousand years ago , Homo sapiens arrived in America through the Bering Strait , Because of the attack of Homo sapiens , American 49 The animals are extinct 48 genus . In Australia , Marsupials are left with kangaroos , Homo sapiens gradually occupied the world .