It's usually Missing profile for , The problem of not self starting , be careful In the document Did you write the first sentence , Or there are wrong questions .

# chkconfig:   2345 90 10


#chkconfig:345 61 61 // This trip 345 Parameter representation , At what run level is it started , Start sequence number (S61); Closing serial number (K61);

Before the serial number with 124 and 224 It's all wrong , Later, it was changed to two , Do not know why? #description:Apache // This trip must be written , Describe the service .
Copy script to /etc/init.d/ Under the table of contents ,

In the execution of the command

sudo chkconfig --add /etc/init.d/redis
sudo chkconfig redis on

There should be no problem ,  If there is a problem with the configuration document , have access to xshell To edit