<>Vue realization slot Multi level nesting

When referring to some frameworks , Usually they already have slots of their own , But sometimes the slot needs to be expanded

<> More exciting

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<> Define basic components , Insert another slot into the slot

* The Mint-UI Of mt-header assembly
* And insert content to the right side of the component through the named slot provided by it
* But the component is customized , We don't know what will be inserted when the component is called
* So the content of the named slot inserted into the component is also a slot
* The key point is that the slot for the inserted unknown content must also be named <template> <mt-header> <img class="logo" src=
"./images/logo.png" alt="logo" slot="left"> <slot name="button" slot="right"></
slot> </mt-header> </template>
<> The child component refers to the underlying component , Insert the specific content into the secondary slot , And specify the name of the secondary slot

* When introducing components , Just match the name of the content slot to be inserted with the slot name overridden in the base component <template> <div class="portal-panel">
<in-header> <div class="btn-group" slot="button"> <mt-button> Sign in </mt-button> <mt-
button> register </mt-button> </div> </in-header> </div> </template>