1, stayeclipse Right click item, Then?Export ChoiceWAR file, Build project'sWAR file. Please refer to the picture for detailed steps:

2, GenerativeWAR File puttomcat After decompressionwebapps Under folder.


3, staytomcat Ofconf In the folderserver.xml Configure:

      stay<Host></Host> Add the following code between labels:

       <Context path="/" docBase="F:/tomcat/webapps" debug="0"
reloadable="true" crossContext="true"> </Context>


  <Context docBase="D:\pafalearning\userapp\dist\tomcat\userapp.war"
path="/userapp" reloadable="true"/>

 docBase: Path to the root of the project, Because I made the projectwar package, So point directly at thiswar The bag will do( My project is called:userapp). 
path: Is a virtual directory, This is set to"userapp", Start upTomcat
after, You will passhttp://localhost:8080/userapp/*.jsp To access the relevant pages of the project. 
reloadable: If set to"true", It means when you modifyjsp After file, Synchronization of page display can be realized without restarting the server. 
It can be understood in this way
: takedocBase Items in actual directory, Mapping to${tomcat.home}\webapps Virtual project under directorypath( The configuration here refers touserapp project).

4, start-uptomcat. double-clicktomcat In the unzip filebin Directorystartup.bat.

5, Enter the corresponding address in the browser.