the front , The whole process :
9.6 Submit resume on ZTE's official website -9.12 Receipt of written examination notice -9.16 Receive online evaluation notice -9.17 Receive professional interview notice -9.19 Comprehensive interview notice received .( Software testing post - Diantong xiaoshuo )

* Online resume : Fill in your resume carefully , The more detailed you fill in, the better , Because the later one or two aspects are basically based on the official website printed resume to your personal understanding and interview (
ps: I think I'm at a disadvantage , Regret not filled in very well o(╥﹏╥)o)
written examination : When you receive the written test email, you will be informed of the written test time and precautions , Get ready in advance . Written examination content 20 Multiple choice questions -20 minute ,2 Programming questions -80 minute . Programming is a little difficult for me , I'm also programming, and my ability needs to be improved .. We should make up for it later ..
* Evaluation : The number of questions is slightly larger , It's similar to the line test . Although it's not difficult, it's a little tricky to do well with time limit , Try to do well , It will affect the later interview arrangement .( Failed , There will be no notice of the interview )
* one side ( Technical aspect ): After the evaluation, I received a notice the next day around 1:00 p.m , My heart is broken ( It's naked o(╥﹏╥)o), The technical aspects are roughly as follows :1. Project introduction ?;2.
How to get data in project programming ? preservation ? And how to call these data to display the interface ?;3. route , Which layer is the switch on ? What are the protocols in routing packets (ps:
Because I don't know , Interviewer tips nqn agreement ? Never heard of it ...)? Introduction to load balancing ?;4. Applets : String inversion ?;5.
Route table view command ( I feel that this is the last wrong answer .o(╥﹏╥)o..)?
* Dihedral ( Comprehensive face ): It's also the news that I received the notice in the middle of the night (ps: The interviewer analyzed the interview results of the day , Second notice , Fight for ZTE call
), We are ready to introduce ourselves in English ( It doesn't work ), Comprehensive oral English is random o(╥﹏╥)o... The answer was really bad ! Then there is the basic chat mode .
Here we are , ZTE's basic process has been completed , It's too late to submit my resume , I'm totally unprepared for autumn moves , I don't feel like I'm playing well , I wish you good luck ,O(∩_∩)O ha-ha ~
<ps: Two sides of the interviewer cold still adhere to the interview , It's not easy ,HR Ladies and sisters are here qq It's hard for the group to reply in time every day , The overall impression of this interview is that ZTE humanities is really good ! Hope to receive the contract notice later .>