The first step in database installationMySQL了, The basic installation methods are all here, So I'll sort it out here, On the one hand, review for yourself, On the one hand, it's convenient for everyone.

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     MySQL Is a relational database management system, SwedenMySQL AB Company development, Currently belongs to Oracle Its company.MySQL
The most popular relational database management system, stay WEB Application aspectMySQL It's the best. RDBMS (Relational Database Management
System, Relational database management system) One of application software.

Get ready:MySQL download

   Currently for different users,MySQL Two different versions are available:

                          (1):MySQL  Community  Server  ( Community Edition) 
This version is completely free, But the government doesn't provide technical support

                           (2):MySQL  Enterprise Server  ( Enterprise Edition)  
It can provide data warehouse applications for enterprises with high cost performance, SupportACID Transaction processing, Provide complete submission, RollBACK, Crash recovery and row level locking function. But this version needs to be paid for, Official technical support for telephone and its documents

     Its download address:( The two methods are different, Here we focus on the installation package)
Compressed package:
Installation package:
1, Get intoMySQL Official website 

   The interface is as follows:

2, Enter the download interface, Find the bottom“MySQL Community Edition” Click hyperlink.


   Hyperlinks are as follows:

3, Go in and find the installation packageMSI

4, clickMSI, Then download





If you download it, It's like this:


One:MySQL Community Edition installation steps

First step: Double click this package, Pop up installation window( If prompted, Option allowed)

The second step: Installation interface start

The third step: Checklist I accept the license terms , Following chart:

The fourth step, Select next, The following window will pop up:

The fifth step: The choice of the items depends on your own will( Here's the second one, If you just want to installMy SQl Service, Suggested choiceServer only)


The sixth step: path choice( This is entirely personal)


The seventh step: Click Next, The schematic diagram is as follows:


The eighth step: Ready to install, Click execution.



The ninth step: After installation, Prepare configuration interface



The tenth step: Configure server type solar term port type, By default

The eleventh step: fill inRoot User password, Remember the password

The twelfth step: Set user and service startup, By default

Thirteenth Step: Plug ins and extensions


The fourteenth step: Confirm configuration( During configuration, If there is a pop-up window, Be sure to allow, Maybe it's a long time, Just wait a minuteok)

The fourteenth step: complete

Two, Database installation

1, Open downloadedmysql install files, Double click operationmysql-5.5.28-win64.msi.

2, Select installation type, Yes“Typical( default)”,“Complete( completely)”,“Custom( User defined)” Three options, Choice“Custom”, Press“next” Key continuation. 


Three, Click Install, complete.

4, Installation is complete, The following interface will entermysql Configuration Wizard.


5, Select configuration mode,“Detailed Configuration( Manual precise configuration)”,“Standard
Configuration( Standard configuration)”, We choose“Detailed Configuration”, Easy to familiarize with configuration process. 

6, Select server type,“Developer Machine( Develop test class,mysql Take up little resources)”,“Server
Machine( Server type,mysql Occupy more resources)”,“Dedicated MySQL Server
Machine( Dedicated database server,mysql Occupy all available resources)”


7, Choicemysql General purpose of database,“Multifunctional Database( Versatile, good)”,“Transactional Database
Only( Server type, Focus on transactions, commonly)”,“Non-Transactional Database
Only( Non transactional, Relatively simple, Mainly do some monitoring, Numeration, YesMyISAM Data type support is limited tonon-transactional), Press“Next” Continue.


8, Select the number of concurrent connections to the site, Number of simultaneous connections,“Decision Support(DSS)/OLAP(20 Around)”,“Online Transaction
Processing(OLTP)(500 Around)”,“Manual Setting( Manual settings, Lose a number by yourself)”. 

9, Is it enabled?TCP/IP Connect, Set port, If not enabled, You can only access it on your own machinemysql Database, On this page, You can also choose“ Enable standard mode”(Enable
Mode), suchMySQL It won't allow minor grammatical errors. If it's new, It is recommended that you cancel the standard mode to reduce the trouble. But familiar withMySQL In the future, Try to use standard mode, Because it can reduce the possibility of harmful data entering the database. Press“Next” Continue 

10, That's right.mysql Set the default database language code( important), General electionUTF-8, Press “Next” Continue.

11, Choose whether or not tomysql Install aswindows service, You can also specifyService Name( Service ID name), Whether willmysql Ofbin Add directory toWindows
PATH( After Accession, It can be used directlybin Next file, Without specifying the directory name, For example, connection.“mysql.exe -uusername
-ppassword;” That's all right. No need to point outmysql.exe Full address of, Very convenient), I've ticked everything here,Service Name Unchanged. Press“Next” Continue.

12, Ask if you want to modify the defaultroot user( Super management) Password.“Enable root access from remote
machines( Whether to allowroot Users log on to other machines, If you want to be safe, Don't tick it, If you want convenience, Just hook it up.)”. Last“Create An Anonymous
Account( Create a new anonymous user, Anonymous users can connect to the database, Data cannot be manipulated, Including query)”, Generally, there is no need to tick, Set up, Press“Next” Continue.

User name and password are set to:

User name:root( for example)

User password:****

13, Confirm the setting is correct, Press“Execute” Make settings effective, That is to finishMYSQL Installation and configuration of.

Be careful: Set up, Press“Finish” There is a common mistake, Just can not“Start service”, It usually appears before installationmysql On, Solutions, First guarantee
Previously installedmysql The server was completely uninstalled; No way. Check to see if you follow the above steps, Whether the previous password has been modified, Do as above; If it still doesn't work, takemysql Under the installation directorydata file
Folder backup, Then delete, After installation, Will install the generated data folders removing, Backupdata Folder move back, Restart againmysql Just the service, In this case, You may need to check the database
Once, Then fix it once, Prevent data errors.



Three, Install successfully verified

First step: Open command line window

The second step: Input password

The third step: inputRoot Password, And press enter.

The fourth step: Enter show all database commands:show databases( There must be a semicolon, And press enter.)

Three:NavicatforMySQL Download and use

   Genuine verification code


  First step: The downloaded file name, The schematic diagram is as follows:

The second step: decompression, The schematic diagram is as follows:

The third step: Schematic diagram of executive documents:

The fourth step: Double click to display the main interface


The fifth step: Just install the input in the download file


  The sixth step: Main interface connection to database configuration


The seventh step: Display connection, All database details can be viewed

The eighth step: Right click to select runSQL file, Then choose

The ninth step: Select execution file, Click to run

The tenth step: Show execution results, Close successfully.( Success must be shown in the figure)

The eleventh step: Running userSQL file


Above, It's all about database configuration.