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Fiddler What is it? ?

Fiddler It's a http Debugging agent , It can Enough to record everything between your computer and the Internet http communication ,Fiddler
You can or you can check everything http communication , Set breakpoint , as well as Fiddle
be-all “ In and out ” Data for ( finger cookie,html,js,css Etc , All of these can make you change your meaning ). Fiddler
It's easier than other network debuggers , Because it's just exposed http Communication also provides a user-friendly format .

Fiddler It's the most powerful and useful Web One of the debugging tools , It can record all client and server's http and https request , Allow you to monitor , Set breakpoint , Even modify input and output data ,Fiddler Contains a powerful event script based subsystem , And can use .net Language extension . You're right HTTP
More understanding of the agreement ,
The more you can master Fiddler How to use . The more you use it Fiddler, The more it helps you understand HTTP agreement .Fiddler Whether for developers or testers , Are very useful tools .

Fiddler How it works

Acting as an agent web Working as a server , It uses a proxy address :, port :8888. When Fiddler It will automatically log out when you exit , So it doesn't affect other programs . But if Fiddler Abnormal exit , This time because Fiddler No automatic logout , It will make the web page inaccessible . The solution is to restart Fiddler.

Fiddler Download and install

Download address on official website : <>
Download to local , Then install the normal installation process .

It works as shown in the figure below :

Fiddler The operation mechanism of is actually monitoring on the local machine 8888 Of port HTTP agent . Fiddler Default at startup IE
The agent of is set to, Other browsers need to be set manually , So the Chrome Browser proxy changed to You can listen to the data .

Chrome How to set up a browser proxy

On the far right of the browser , click Three points Icon , Then click Settings

Click settings on the left , Then click Show advanced settings .

And find Change proxy settings .

Come here ,chrome The browser's proxy is set up .

open Https Packet capture monitoring

Fiddler By default ,Fiddler Not captured HTTPS conversation , You need to set .

【 Talking about HTTPS as well as Fiddler Grab HTTPS agreement 】 <>

from all processes : Grab all https program , include Native and mobile phone
from browsers only : Grab only the https request
from non-browsers only : Grab all but the browser https request
from remote clients only : Grab remote client's https , Can represent mobile phones

* Turn on the phone Https Grab bag
If you just want to grab All on the phone https request , It should be selected from remote clients only .

How to use Fiddler Yes Android App to grab

How to open / close Grab the bag of this machine

If you need to grab a native request , Yes 3 Medium mode .

* mode 1
Just start the program and make sure the lower left corner is Capturing state that will do .

* mode 2
Press the shortcut key F12 Switch .

* mode 3
File --> Capture Traffic Tick .

extend :

It's useful to note that , You can open the bag to grab the machine , It can also filter the package of the machine . When the mobile phone turns on the agent , You can filter out the package of this machine , Focus on mobile phone bag , At this time, all the phone's packages are in the conversation list .

Clear session list

Quick features

. The first is Capturing, Quick switch to control capture session ;

. The second is to select the source program of the current session to be captured , All procedures , browser , Non browser , Do not capture options .

The third is conversation request Breakpoints before sending and response Breakpoint after return and before browser , Once for each corresponding point , Click the button twice ( Default is blank, i.e. no breakpoint ),request Breakpoints and response Breakpoint details

. The following is some identification and description of the currently selected session , As currently selected 127 First of sessions , detailed url by http://www......

Filter domain name

Fiddler Grab the package to complete the debugging and testing requirements of our mobile developers . But redundant web page requests and other mobile phone links affect our mobile phone development needs . So we need to eliminate other useless packages , Only focus on the request package of the domain name we specified .

* open fiddler, find Filters Options and click Open . As shown in the figure

By default , This page is gray , Does not filter any requests by default . Now let's check Use Filters .

* stay Hosts You can see it in it No Zone Filter : No filtering Show only Intranet Hosts : Show internal network hosts only
Show only Internet Hosts: Show only Internet hosts .

stay Hosts There are several options in the second drop-down box

show only intranet hosts

reference material

Fiddler course <>

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