I forgot when I downloaded the project cd Go to the directory where the project should be stored , Directly in root Under the directory , So half of the project indicates that there is not enough space

use df  –h;

Command display dev/sda1 in total 35g space , Used 100%

I wanted to be direct cd large sda1 Delete below , It shows that there is no such directory , I learned later sda1 It's a document , Not a folder

Next, I will introduce my method :

use du –h –max-depth=1;

command , You can see the space occupied by each folder under the current folder

therefore ,cd  / ; Command to go to the root directory ,du –h –max-depth=1; You can see root It's a lot of space , therefore cd reach root lower ,du –h
–max-depth=1; You can see   ./.repo great , however ls The command is not displayed repo folder , that is because repo The project was not downloaded , So for hidden files , We can use it ls
–all The command can be viewed

So in the root Lower direct rm –rf  ./.repo( After that is the name of my unfinished file ) Delete it

next df  -h; You can see dev/sda1 There's room left