PostgreSQL Global development team estimates 2018 Release the latest PosgtreSQL Release
11. In the official release notes , The new features and enhancements brought by this version are introduced .

PostgreSQL 11 The following functions are mainly enhanced :

* Partition enhancement
* Support hash partition <>.
* Supports primary keys on partitioned tables <>, Foreign key
<>, Indexes
<> And triggers
* Support the creation of default partitions <>, Used to store data that does not belong to any other partition .
* Update partition key values <> Of UPDATE Statement to move the affected rows to the corresponding new partition .
* Enhanced query statement processing and execution of partition clipping <>
( Partition exclusion ), And then improved SELECT Performance of query statements .
* Support intelligent partition connection <>
(partition-wise join) And intelligent partition aggregation
* Parallel execution
* Parallel creation B-tree Indexes .
* Parallel execution CREATE TABLE .. AS,CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW And specific UNION query .
* Better parallel hash join and parallel sequential scan .
* stored procedure <>, Support embedded transactions .
* Just in time compilation (JIT), Supports fast evaluation of expressions .
* Window function , support SQL:2011 All window ranges in the standard (window frame) option , include RANGE distance
PRECEDING/FOLLOWING,GROUPS Mode and window exclusion options .
* Overlay index <>(covering
index), Support the use of CREATE INDEX ... INCLUDE Create overlay index .
* Many other performance improvements , Include quick execution with non empty default value <> Of ALTER TABLE
.. ADD COLUMN sentence .
For a complete introduction, please refer to the official release notes <>.

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