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The following interview questions are provided by the group , Real topic ( Including school entrance examination questions )
1. Interview questions of Netease big data

* Talk about the project
* Spark Which part works well , How to tune
* Java Which part is better understood
* Talk about concurrency , Concurrent implementation method ,volatile Key words
* HashMap The underlying principle of
* Why rewrite hashcode and equals
* say something jvm
* What is the use of each garbage collector
* jvm tuning
* say something io
* Why do you think about changing careers ? Is it because the original major is not good for employment ?

2. Interview questions of ant financial service

* Merging of small files
* MR And Spark The difference between
* Which celebrity blogs do you follow
* What's your opinion on big data
* How to learn big data
* StringBuilder And StringBuffer The difference between
* HashMap And Hashtable The difference between
* Talk about your understanding of trees
* Implementation of database index
* jvm Memory model of
* jvm Garbage collector for
* jvm Garbage collection algorithm based on
* HDFS framework
* HDFS Reading and writing process
* Hadoop3.0 What improvements have been made
* chat YARN
* Why projects choose to use Spark, You feel Spark What are the advantages of
* understand Flink And Storm Well , They and Spark Streaming What's the difference
* 1TB file , Take repeated words ,top5 Under the scene of the specified resource , How to make statistics quickly
3. Interview questions of Meitu

* Why Meitu , Do you know where Meitu is
* Tell me about your projects
* Unified data management platform , I'm interested , Tell me
* I think I know what's going on ,java web Have you participated in the development of this one
* You just mentioned metadata in your project , Can you tell me hive Metadata management of , What do you know about it
* still hive, You're right hive What are the principles
* know AST,operator tree What do these look like
* What about yours hive turn mr How is the process understood ?
* Except for predicate pushdown , Can we talk about other optimizations ? Don't talk about data skew tuning
* jvm Understand , On garbage collection algorithm
* Common use java and scala Which language is more
* If I want to use it now map aggregate , What do you think is suitable for multithreading
* How to monitor threads
* Spark appear OOM, What do you think should be done for tuning ? Don't move jvm Parameters of
* You feel join How to optimize
* What are your plans for the future ?( Within five years )
* You're just following the technical route

4.​ Two sides of Meitu

* ThriftServer Of HA How to realize it , Can you talk about the idea of implementation
* It's a deal. Zookeeper Of watch How is the mechanism realized ?
* Scene questions :
  Now there are 1 individual client,2 individual server, When I dynamically add a machine , Or delete a machine , Or a machine goes down ,client How to perceive , How to realize it ( Not used Zookeeper), How to communicate , Talk about the concrete realization ?
5. Interview questions of qiniuyun

* Quick platoon
* hive and hdfs The connection between
* inode And file descriptors
* linux Instructs how to create a file
* http in header Put in key value What has changed
* Difference between system call and library function
* http Buffer for wit
* session cookie  difference
* Inter process communication mode
* jsp essence
* http Request status
* get post put remove
* database join 
* database engine
* hibernate and mybiters difference
* jvm garbage collection
* hive Different from relational database
* hive Implementation principle
* spark And mr The difference between