In primitive society , People live by hunting , When you live in groups in tribes , There is no deal . All access to resources is through systems within the tribe , The division of labor among people is mainly based on gender , Natural division of labor by age . People can't fight against nature alone , In order to obtain the means of living, we must work together , Thus, it determines the common possession of the means of production . meanwhile , People can only work in an equal relationship of mutual assistance and cooperation , The products belong to all members of the society , Carry out the equal distribution .


With the progress of science and technology , The coming of farming society , Tribes began to communicate with each other frequently , Because of the different natural resources around the world , They learned to exchange resources with other tribes , But the deal is not harmonious , Because there is no practical trading system , People to people transactions are not necessarily honest , So the deal was very risky , This risky trade has been going on for thousands of years . But after the birth of the exchange , Successfully avoided a lot of risks .


exchange , It refers to the information platform for trading certain information and articles , A fixed place to be used is called the exchange
. exchange , With the help of information platform , Realize property right information sharing , Remote transaction , Unity and coordination , Property rights trading market and various terms to balance .


Exchanges are usually divided into stock exchanges and commodity exchanges
, The stock exchange is based on stocks , Corporate bonds and other trading objects , Commodity trading is a commodity ( Such as cotton , Wheat, etc ) Trading partner . The birth of the exchange , For human beings, it is a good product of economic and order development , Make people secure on large and off-site transactions , The exchange has good credit endorsement , And efficient systems , That's why it can be popularized , In the traditional financial market , Exchanges play an indispensable role .


Virtual currency and the course of exchange :


With the development of the times , Commercial value resources are becoming more and more abundant , The circulation of resources in the world is becoming more and more convenient , Exchanges of different commodities and industries are beginning to blossom . The first virtual currency in the world — After the birth of bitcoin , The exchange of virtual currency started .


2010 year 7 month , Famous virtual currency exchange Mt.Gox establish , It marks that the blockchain has really entered the market .
2011 year 6 month , China's first digital currency exchange “ Bitcoin China ” be born , It represents the official entry of blockchain into the Chinese market ,2013 year 11 month ,V God launched Ethereum project , Then the virtual money items began to grow like bamboo shoots after a spring rain .2013 year 12 month , Bitcoin surpasses gold price for the first time , At this time, the number of people who know blockchain in China began to increase , Gradually, people began to get involved in blockchain projects , The project side of issuing money and fire currency net ,OKEX These old exchanges , Start to grow together ,2016 year —2017 end of the year , The virtual money market has entered an explosive development , Project side of issuing currency , With the exchange into a frenzied geometric growth , Capital began to intervene , The currency circle has become a battlefield where opportunities and risks coexist , People are like Columbus discovering the new world , Crazy influx , Money circle has become the pursuit of wealth “ Jerusalem ”, Anything existing must be reasonable , Not equal to futures , There is no real commodity blockchain , But a unique branch formed a huge trading circle , Because it changes the technology of the future , Has been recognized by the capital .


The carnival always ends , After happiness comes pain . from 2018 The beginning of the year , The coin circle has gradually entered the cold winter , This Jerusalem is full of milk and honey , We began to clean up the uninvited guests , Because of the intervention of capital in various fields , The coin circle became chaotic , Unqualified exchanges , Imperfect exchange and air currency , Finally, the project of breaking currency has revealed its defects together , The reincarnation of market law and the strict control of the state , Let a large number of weak blockchain projects enter the edge of death , A large number of coin people also began to flee , There was a lot of noise “ Jerusalem ”, In the silence of being plundered by the Crusaders ...


Is the virtual economy and the exchange after the intersection , In the end, I can only miss it ? Is virtual money market just 21 Tulip bubble in the 21st century ?


Fengshui always turns , But the right way in the world is vicissitudes . Blockchain can be known all over the world , People from all walks of life can develop with faith , Because blockchain is a holy land like Jerusalem for believers .  The existence of blockchain is reasonable , Jerusalem is still flowing with milk and honey , Just for those who want to enter this holy land , The threshold will be higher and higher , The cold winter of currency circle , Just for a better spring .


The essence of the exchange is to meet people's trading needs , From the concept of blockchain , The essence of virtual currency is to use the decentralized technology of blockchain , A token to facilitate transactions
. With the development of blockchain technology, more and more mature , The implementation of blockchain projects will be faster and faster , Exchange as guarantee TOKEN Necessary facilities for circulation , Natural existence is rationality .


Sweden , Countries like Georgia have put blockchain technology into real estate registration , Many banks are also trying to use blockchain alliance chain technology to reduce work costs , Although these observable phenomena have little to do with exchanges , But it can show that the technology of blockchain is in the process of putting into use . in other words ,
Blockchain is valuable , If there is value, there will be a deal .


After this cold winter baptism , The items that can survive in the currency circle must have substantial value , In the future, the launch of projects will no longer be like the era of air currency , There must be a real team . therefore , If the future virtual currency exchange wants to survive, it must also conform to the development of the times , The qualification requirements for the project side will be stricter , The system service must be perfect , Fairness and justice . Only the strength is stronger , Better technology , The system is more perfect , Only the exchange that conforms to the market rules can survive .
image EEC Distributed exchanges can bypass centralized exchanges “ Asset custody ” The way , Users will no longer be completely dependent on the exchange
. Digital currency holders can have absolute ownership and control over their digital assets , It ensures the security of users' digital assets . Such an exchange is bound to be a major trend in the next few years !


Nowadays, the masses do not know enough about the concept of blockchain , But after the gradual popularization of blockchain , People will realize that this technology will become the key point to change people's future life , Recognize its value . With the change of economic orientation in the future ,
Virtual currency exchange will surely become the third largest exchange besides stock exchange and commodity exchange .