One of my projects uses these three languages, In fact, the simpler the program, the better, Can use a language never2 species,but Why am I so complicated?

Every language has its disadvantages, When the disadvantage affects the effect, You have to work with other languages to be perfect, In other words, large-scale systems are all multilingual, It's not a big company, But the actual needs require different languages to cooperate!

1, My favorite language isphp, Frame selection, Fast development, Effective upon change, howeverphp There are a lot of disgusting places, When calling system commands,linux The permission problem of the system is very serious, In order not to use other languages,php make a system callshell How to do it??
usec Language wrote a program, Compile to binarylinux Executable program, Give this procedureroot Jurisdiction, And then write anothershell file, Give Wayc Program callshell
, Last usephp callc Program to achieveroot Permission executionshell Document code capabilities, The whole process is complicated, Very yeslinux System native language, Necessary at the control system level, Although its grammar andwindows
Ofbat Batch commands are just as disgusting, But we can't deal with the system without him, Bear it..

summary: For dealing with the systemphp It's fucking hard, Almost incompetent.

2,php No imagejava That kind ofapplication This global variable, So you have to write documents, cache, Database to share global variables, To achieve global control, It's disgusting, In other wordsphp No global cache capability, Half waste, Global capabilities are important. althoughphp Lots of plug-ins, But still weak.

3, You can't control everythinghttp request, What do you mean? for example,10 personal visitphp, Everyone's process is independent, There is no right way.10 Individuals have a unified management and feedback.

These three shortcomings,java,python andnodejs Can be done, No plug-in cooperation required. So I was forced to choosepython CoordinationPHP, thereforepython The advantages are obvious, It's all-around, System program can be developed,web Websites can also be developed, The ability to mix it all up, Pure omnipotent language.

nodejs andpython equally, It's a new language, It's all powerful. actuallyjava It's all powerful,java It's also powerful. But I don't like itjava Because it's too rigid and rigorous, But his rigor also makes it suitable for large programs, First class stability, Speed is fast. But the development speed is not good, Too strict, too verbose, And the framework is huge, howeverjava It's really a top student, Ability not to say, Wide range of applications, Like Android Developmentjava, Win at one stroke, thereforejava Excellent and true, learnjava No loss, But like it or not, It depends on personal preference, I don't like it very much, I like the faster the development, the better, I don't do big systems.

later, Why did I add anothernodejs language, Is it neuropathy? No, It's really forced again, evenpython It's not easy..

python Ofweb Poor service performancephp fast, Same websitephp Fast access, thereforephp stayweb The field is not a false name, Fast development, Quick response!

howeverphp Not as fast as speedjava web
Fast, If the same lightweight framework,java Compile intoclass Response speed ratio afterphp Fast, Actually so, becausephp It's a scripting language, Every time it needs to be translated into machine language for execution, andjava The bytecode translation speed of is much faster, Closer to machine language, thereforejava It makes sense to be quick.

nodejs Because
web Interface, High concurrenceweb Interface,nodejs thanjava,php,python It's much faster. Not fast at all, It's dozens of times faster, This is very important in practical application, Especially the interface response speed, Because as expected, usephp Developed, Interface response fails to meet requirements, What to do without adding servers? usepython Slower development, usenodejs Try it. It's a lot faster, The effect is obvious
, Why?? becausenodejs Ofv8 The engine is used by Googlechrome Fast on the browser, Whychrome Will become the black horse of browser world unify the Jianghu? Because of this.v8
, Lightweight and fast,nodejs For use..

Second,nodejs yesIO Asynchronous mode, Writtenjavascript We all know that callback functions are widely used, this pointphp can't meet the requirements,php Processing is performed synchronously, Orders must be executed one by one,nodejs Left-off, This saves a lot of time, Waiting forIO When handling, Can do other things.

Words,php andpython Can be realizedIO Asynchronous mechanism, But the scheme is not mature and non-native support, It will be very troublesome to deal with it by yourself, All changes are inseparable from Qizong, Any language is a representation, right, It's all about encapsulation of machine language, Based oncpu And memory and other hardware mechanisms, That's it, So it's perfectly possible for any language to have the same ability, But they can't exceed the operating system rules of computer hardware.

therefore, becausenodejs It has the advantage of concurrent response. So I used my program3 Languages,php,python,nodejs,shell, There was another one beforec Language coverpython Replaced, Actuallypython No need,
php,nodejs,shell That's enough..

Final conclusion:

Which language do you use, It's not what we can say, It depends on what function you need, Which language is the fastest to program, Fastest response.

1,php Suitable for front-end interfaceUI layer, Normal response levelwebservice Interface for andmysql Database connection, More frames, faster and simpler.

2,nodejs Suitable for doingIO Intensive, Concurrent demand calling,CPU Less computation, Interface class.

3,python The ability to actuallynodejs Also basicallyok, thereforepython It doesn't work much, howeverpython It has great advantages in artificial intelligence and other class libraries, Big data crawler and other fields are too convenient, May usepython There are many gods, It's a lot easier for us to stand on the shoulders of giants, thereforepython Powerful and advanced, Language itself is omnipotent, Development speed is also very fast, Because there are too many libraries.

Many people make complaints about it.python Code schema must use spaces ortab indent, I want to make complaints about it. Is this necessary? The only advantage is that the code is more neat, Forced.

4,java, The most popular language today, It's been going on for years, Really powerful, Wide range of application, Almighty, There are many plug-ins, It's sort of like the elite of human society.