It's been more than five years since I became the front end unconsciously, No matter from the beginningjQuery It's still hotAngular,Vue,React Equal front frame, Evennodejs The rise of server, In the final analysis, I always feel that the core of everything is
JavaScript. So I had an idea recently, I want to sort out these years' study and useJS Experience.

This series of articles aims atJS To make a similar outline, It can be used as a reference for future study; Second, I hope to help you understand more systematically and clearlyJS This language.

This series mainly refers toNicholas C. Zakas Two books of:

《JavaScript Advanced programming( The first3 edition)》 and《 Write maintainableJavaScript》


JS Basic concepts


JS Operator


JS Basic statement


JS Array usage


Date usage


JS String usage


JS Programming style


JS Programming practice



xmind The source file has been uploaded togithub, Give me what I likeStar bar!(^_^)