I've been helping my friend's company recruit people recently , The first step in recruiting is to screen resumes , In the process , I found that although I can receive many resumes , But there are not many resumes that can enter the technical interview process through screening , estimate 10 Not more than 4 Share can pass the screening .

If you can't pass the technical interview , So candidates can collect interview questions , Go home and get ready , After all, he talked to the interviewer , It's not nothing , But for those resumes that can't be screened , The owner of a resume is often unknown ( The company will not take the initiative to notify ), So they're still confused , Can be expected , In the near future , They still can't get an interview .

    From the perspective of senior interviewers , Share with you the experience of writing and sending resumes . The content of this paper is based on java web Lightweight development interview tutorial
<http://www.broadview.com.cn/book/4843> Adapted , Here is the text .

   Know no one but your friend , Win and lose , This sentence can well reflect the current situation that most programmers submit resumes to find jobs .


At present, a lot of junior candidates simply send out resumes in order to get the chance of interview and job hopping , However, this approach of not knowing the key points of the interview and not analyzing the specific recruitment needs of the company will not only reduce the efficiency of finding a good job , It will make you miss some favorite companies , So we can only “ Make do with ” To enter a general company that can meet its own wage requirements .

The role of a resume is to show the recruiter how well you match the position , To get an interview , That's it . But I've seen a lot of candidates with very fancy resumes , It's also quite long , But it's hard to see that he's up to the job .

You know what , Recruiters can only learn about candidates from their resumes , So resumes don't have to be comprehensive , Simply and concisely list the main points that the applicant cares about ; You don't have to worry about the format , It can make the recruiter feel clear at a glance .

1 Elements to be included in the resume , Don't leave one

    When filtering resumes , Recruiters often need to find a lot of resumes worth interviewing ( This ratio is at least 5 than 1), So it won't take long to stay on every resume .

    So you should pay attention to it when preparing your resume “ direct ” Two words : Can let the screening person directly see their education background , Work experience and project manager , And let them “ direct ” Feel that this resume can be taken into consideration .

    According to this principle , You can list the elements in the following table in order .

Elements to be included in the resume


essential information , Like name , Gender , Age , Current city , On the job or not , Mobile phone, email, etc .

1 Let the recruiter know the basic information of the candidate .

2 So that recruiters can contact candidates through mobile phones and other ways .

Flashback education background by time , Generally, it only needs to include high school or above , No need to write , But need to include professional and academic degree information .

Use information such as major and academic degree to prove your technical background to the recruiter .

Summarize your skills . such as :

1 Yes 3 year Java experience , Yes 2 year Spring MVC experience .

2 Yes 3 year Oracle experience , Yes 2 year Oracle Tuning experience .


Generally, these summary points are consistent with job requirements , In this way, the recruiter can directly feel the matching degree of the candidate .

On this basis , Make a list of summary points that can help you succeed .

Companies worked by flashback , List the project experience in these companies , The skills in this section are described in detail below .

In the project experience description , Can pass the technical experience used in the project, etc , Give yourself specific “ matching ” Certification of the position .

You can list the training experience and rewards related to the position you are applying for

These are bonus items , Can be employed preferentially under the same circumstances

List your interests and self summary in a small amount of space

Let recruitment companies know more about candidates

2 How to describe the work of the company

    This part is generally described in reverse chronology , For example, it can be written in the following format :

    2015 year 11 Monthly arrival 2017 year 10 month , stay xx company , Position is Java Advanced development . The reason for leaving is to further develop .

   2012 year 2 Monthly arrival 2015 year 11 month , stay xx company , Position is Java Primary development . The reason for leaving is to further develop .

    Write previous company information in this format

    The content of this part should be as far ahead as possible , When listing the company , Please pay attention to the following four points .

first , Work situation can be written separately from project experience , Generally, the technical framework used and the details of the projects done will be written in the subsequent project experience , In the job description here , You don't have to be too complicated , Let the recruiter see your previous company .

second , Try not to show up for a long time “ Blank period ”, For example, the last job was 2 At the end of the month , And the next job is 6 Beginning of . If the occurrence of “ Inactive status ”, Need to state in resume , For example, in this period of time, you have changed your city to develop , Or resign to review the postgraduate entrance examination or review the examination of civil servants , In a word, we need to find a reasonable reason .

third , On the resume , Try not to make people feel like you can't do every job long , But you can't fake it . For example, I've seen candidates merge companies , such as 2016 year 11 Monthly arrival 2017 year 3 On A company ,2017 year 4 Monthly arrival 10 On B company , He's trying to keep recruiters from feeling that he's changing jobs too often , Write it on your resume 2016 year 11 Monthly arrival 2017 year 10 On B Company work , And intentionally merged A Company experience . In that case , If a background check is encountered , It's going to show , Even if some companies don't investigate , It can also reflect the real working conditions in labor manual and other materials , So there is a certain risk in this way .

    The recommended practice here is , Don't merge companies , But the reasons can be stated , For example, Xiao Wang was sent to another company A In the form of manpower dispatch B company , But it didn't take long A
The company is no longer qualified for human dispatch for some reason , At this time, Xiao Wang had to stop A The company's contract turns to and B Company signing , It seems that Xiao Wang has changed his company , But not really .
By a similar reasonable explanation , Recruiters will no longer question Xiao Wang's ability and stability .

    fourth , You can write down the right reasons for leaving , Especially when you change jobs in a short time , In the case that the employer may question , More appropriate reasons .

A reasonable reason for leaving can be , Want to provide a bigger development space for themselves , Or want to be on your own by upgrading , In order to further improve their ability , Or the company went out of business due to capital and other reasons . in short , This is not my subjective instability , I had to change my job for objective reasons .

The reason for leaving without an interview is , Treatment issues ( Although we all know that , But it can't be written like this ), Or can't bear the pressure , Or colleagues and leaders . Such reasons often expose the shortcomings of candidates , So it's not recommended . In this sense ,“ Expiration of contract ” It's not a good reason to leave , Because if the candidates are strong , So why didn't the original company renew the contract with you ?

in short , When describing the company , Once it appears, it will make the recruiter feel that you are not strong or stable , You have to write compelling reasons in a bold way , So that your resume can be read on , And then you'll have a technical interview .

3 Tips for describing project experience

    As mentioned before , The recruiter attaches great importance to the relevant technical project experience on the candidate's resume , Because it can effectively prove that the candidate has practiced the relevant technology , Not only theoretical knowledge .

Specifically , The recruiter will first see if the candidate's technology or framework related to his / her position is used in his / her projects in the last six months , If it is , It means that the candidate can work directly after entering the position . secondly , Skills used in all project experiences and positions of candidates ( Or framework ) Consistent time period , Generally, the employer will have the lowest standard brick for this period of time , Of course, the longer the better .

    If you feel that the project experience clearly matches, but in the end, you don't even have an interview , So most of the problems are in this link , Let's analyze the skills to describe the project experience .

3.1 Try to put learning and training programs and graduation projects on business projects

A business project is one that makes money , Corresponding to it are some study projects or graduation projects that do not aim to earn money . Because the customer paid , So the requirement of business project is much higher than that of study or graduation project , That's why recruitment companies value business projects and actively filter learning projects .

    Relevant skill years in job description generally refer to business project experience , Learning project experience is not generally included . So for some projects between business projects and learning projects , Try to write it as a business project .

    For example, Xiao Zhang helped Teacher Wang of the computer department in his junior year ABC The software company has worked for half a year , If Xiao Zhang writes on his resume :“ during school days , from x year x Monthly arrival x year x Month completed xx system , Used xx
technology ”, Most of them will be regarded as learning experience similar to curriculum design , But add the following key description :“ This system belongs to xx Company's xx
Part of a business project , I worked with three other developers for half a year , In the end, the system was successfully launched to the customer xx Put into operation in the company's environment ”, Then in the total period of Xiaozhang's business project, we can add this half year .

Another example is Xiaoli's graduation project , Flowers 7 Participated in a tutor's e-commerce business project within months , His main job is to design a scheduling algorithm , But also participated in some work such as order management module . If he writes a simple sentence ,
Graduation project is xx, The graduation thesis is xx, Then the recruiter should have seen it , I don't think Xiao Li has any business project experience in his graduation project , It's a bit of a loss for Xiao Li .

    But if you write like this :“ stay x year x Monthly arrival x year x Monthly 7 In months , In graduation project , I'm involved xx Company's xx E-commerce project , Client is x, I am involved in order management and xx
modular , And the scheduling algorithm is designed , In my graduation thesis , This method is introduced in detail ”. The text hasn't been modified too much , But it's enough to add Xiao Li 7 Months of business project experience .

In the recruitment process , We often see candidates attend training schools , I also did some practical training projects in it . If these projects are for students to practice , Without commercial value , So even though these projects may come from real projects , It's also called xx Training program , But it's a pity , We can't think of it as a business project . But we've seen an impressive resume , A candidate Xiaoding is in a certain period of three months , While taking part in the training , While still working part-time in a friend's company xx Project of information management system . So if Xiaoding can explain this situation well in her resume , And can answer the corresponding questions well in the interview , Then we have to believe that Xiaoding did a business project in the past three months .

For advanced programmers , Their project duration is one 般会超过3年,所以多挖掘出来的商业项目年限就属于锦上添花了.不过不少公司在招聘时往往会设个最低年限标准(一般是1年半到两年),这对刚毕业的或工作经验小于2年的初级程序员而言无疑是道坎,所以如果大家处于这青黄不接的时间段里,就更得挖掘这些“严格意义上还算商业项目”的项目经历并写到简历中,这至少能帮大家争取到更多的技术面试机会.



    假设某公司需要招一个Java高级开发,如下是职位描述.1,计算机及相关专业毕业,3年以上Java Web项目开发经验;熟悉Linux平台. 2
,精通JAVA编程,熟悉Spring,Spring MVC,Mybatis/Hibernate等开源框架,熟悉常用cache机制,Jsp/Servlet
等技术. 3,熟悉Tomcat,Nginx等应用服务器的配置和优化.4,熟悉数据结构和算法,熟悉Java多线程开发.熟悉MySQL,Redis






    这个外汇交易系统包括挂盘撮合成交,实盘成交,反洗钱和数据批处理等模块,我主要负责了挂盘撮合成交模块,其中用到了Spring MVC


    1 招聘方在看简历时,更关注的是用的技术,所以这里无需过度展开该项目里的业务细节,比如无需用大篇幅来写挂盘撮合成交模块里干了什么事情.

    2 如果在这个项目里用到了职位介绍里给出的技术,应尽量写在项目描述里,但也要不能不顾事实地一股脑全写上.


    具体而言,在这项目的挂盘撮合成交模块里,我们用到Spring MVC












2 能通过监控查看哪些SQL语句需要调优

3 能通过索引执行计划等方式对SQL语句进行优化

4 进一步的话,能通过数据库集群等方式分散对单个数据库的压力

5 如果做过,也可以写一些关于NoSQL和大数据方面的经验

Spring MVC等架构方面

1 用过其中诸如拦截器,AOP和事务等高级技能点.

2 在搭建框架时,能一起参与并熟悉如何通过框架来提升代码的可维护性.




1 由于客户方催进度的原因,这个项目需要加班(总之加班原因不是你造成的)

2 在这种情况下,你能和你的团队一起连续奋斗,最终成功地完成进度.







    而且,我们项目组还引入了“每天站立会议(Stand up Meeting)“的形式,每天我们项目组会用大致20

















Progress,完成开发后能设置成In QA,这样测试人员就能介入测试,测试完成后,测试人员能把它设置成In












    1 在项目管理方面一般都会用到些工具,也就是说,大家可以写上在自己项目里用到的工具以及这些工具应用在哪些方面,但别什么都不写.





















我有x年java经验,用过Spring MVC等技术(根据职位描述列出用到过的其它Java技术),数据库方面,我用过xx