As promised , Annual “ graduation N year ” series ,2018, Three years after graduation .


The trajectory of life has changed a lot this year , It's a lot clearer .

I bought a house at home at the end of last year , Made a date with my girlfriend , The next question may be where to settle down .

I learned how to cook , I thought cooking was a hassle , Actually, I go to the market and cook , It's much easier than you think , Many things you like to eat can be made by yourself , What I didn't expect was , Large intestine tastes so delicious , It stinks , And the lesson of using a pot , You know, a non stick pan can't be used to fry things .


It's still there Finger, New business into the company , Lead the team from 0 reach 1 It's done APP Development of , Try some more radical architecture solutions , Stable online .

Understanding of the business has improved slightly , Be able to understand each APP Business logic behind new and adjusted functions , But the ability to discover business problems and propose solutions is still insufficient , There is no time and thought to grow up in this respect .


Learning python, We are introduced to machine learning and blockchain smart contract development , Development language switch to kotlin, When learning and using new things , The brain has a wonderful sense of discharge , Plan to introduce at least one new technology every year .

A lot of the year was spent on trivia , Especially two people living together , There's less time to learn , however , As long as you can fit your cell phone , There's always time .

Read a few idle books , considered as first or best-known 《 A brief history of the future 》 and 《 Brain plan for children's future 》, It is better to read the two books together . Sometimes I wonder how some of my personality and way of thinking are formed , find by hard and thorough search , Many behavioral patterns and conditioned reflexes of thinking are formed at a very early age , Most of them are influenced by their parents' words and deeds and their growing environment , I haven't changed much since I grew up , It's hard to change , Sometimes it will add to my troubles , therefore , Be able to correctly cultivate and guide children , It is also necessary to learn , Besides, you have to learn to drive a car , How to raise children correctly without learning or research ?

Share some feelings

① No label, no limit

I'm very impressed , When I was a child, I didn't behave in front of relatives , My parents always say I'm shy when they introduce them , Unable to speak , In fact, parents put a label on themselves , It's been a long time , I've recognized it myself , Use these labels to justify yourself , Keep yourself in the comfort zone . in the course of time , A lot of labels , The influence of native family on individuals is also reflected in this aspect , If we want to make a breakthrough , Try to tear off the labels that limit your growth .

The same goes for work , Try new things , It doesn't have to be useful right now , But keep an open mind , Tear off the labels and restrictions you put on yourself , Don't just look at what you know , You have to see what you don't understand . There's a saying that programmers can't fix computers , I think programmers , As an engineer , Should be able to fix computers .

② Know yourself and accept yourself

Everyone is born unequal , Some things , It's not your fault , But it just happened , Or affected by the original family , Or what you can do , There are too many things you can't control , To understand the world , Understand yourself, too , Know how your current self is formed , Accept yourself , Find your own way of life and direction , Accept what you can't change , Try to do what you can change , Don't be hard on yourself , Don't let yourself go .

③ Go to bed early, get up early and exercise more

Always thank myself two years ago , Making a decision to lose weight , These two years have brought a lot of convenience and influence to my life , After all, I've run 1500 kilometers since school , Running didn't make any difference to me , But it did change me .

When running , Not listening to songs , Don't listen to books , It's just running , Empty your brain , There are always some wonderful ideas and inspirations , It's relaxing , It was a pleasure, too , Sweating all over , Take a shower and go to work , New feeling .

If you want to make a change , I don't know where to start , Try running , It's not about how much , It's not about sooner or later , Just step out , Stick to it for a while , Maybe you can feel the meaning .

④ Improve the value of your unit time

Everyone's time is limited , It's all one day 24 hour , But one day's output is much worse , Some people produce every hour 1 work 12 hour , It's painful to work at full load , Some people produce every hour 2 work 6 hour , be left over 2 Hours are used to increase unit output per hour , Form a positive cycle , I think the correct posture should be the latter , And we should try to do the latter , Even hourly output 3 work 4 hour .

Improve your output per unit time , Don't judge how hard you work by working overtime , Don't be moved by yourself , Don't report to the group to keep warm , Don't do useless work .

There is no right or wrong in trying , But there are right and wrong ways to try .

Life goes on , A year later ,“ Four years after graduation ”,

See you next year .

2018 year 6 month 12 day , Hangzhou


graduation N The annual series is written every year 6 month , This paper is in the 18 year 6 The month is issued in the official account. , Paste here with slight modification , Link to original text

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