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Course introduction :

Alicloud assistant engineer certification (ACA - Alibaba Cloud Certification
Associate) It is a professional technical certification for the use of alicloud basic products , It mainly involves Alibaba cloud computing , storage , network , Core products of security , It is a comprehensive inspection and ability certification for the trainees to master the technical skills of main products of Alibaba cloud ,
Mainly for students and developers , It can also be used as the entry certificate of operation and maintenance personnel .

The technical certification can effectively prove that the certification personnel have the following abilities :

1. have IT, Basic knowledge of cloud computing and network security l Be able to meet the business needs of the enterprise , Products based on alicloud can quickly realize business in the cloud

2. Be able to use and operate alicloud's cloud servers ECS, load balancing SLB, Object storage OSS, Yundun and cloud monitoring products

3. It can diagnose the common problems in the operation of the business system based on alicloud basic products

Certification value :

The process of training and certification can improve personal understanding of cloud computing product technology , Can carry on the basic daily management to these products , Application deployment can also be based on these products . To prove your expertise in the field of cloud computing , More job opportunities .

Course form :

28 Class video tutorial + 10 Supporting experiments + Online examination , If you pass the examination, you can obtain the certification of Alibaba cloud cloud computing assistant engineer (ACA) certificate  

Class hour list :

The first 1 chapter : About alicloud

The first 2 chapter : Master cloud server ECS

The first 3 chapter : Master cloud database RDS

The first 4 chapter : Master cloud storage OSS

The first 5 chapter : Master load balancing SLB

The first 6 chapter : Cloud security protection

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