This situation is caused by the inconsistency between the system accounts used by the controlling party and the controlled party. The solution is simple, For both computersadministrator User login, And then do itqq Long-range.
Operation method: 1, Right click“ This computer”, Choice“ Administration”, Open computer management interface
2, Select local users and groups, Reselect users, All local users will appear on the right, Includeadministrator 3, Right click administrator user, Click Properties 4, open
administrator properties dialog , Remove the lower “ Account Is Disabled ” The front hook. 5, Click OK, Complete account activation 6, Click Start Menu--》 Shutdown--》 Cancellation, Sign out again to
administrator user( If you can't find the logout button, press it directlyCtrl+Alt+Del You can see it) 7, Get into administrator
Administrator account, ReuseQQ Remote assistance or other remote tools can fully control each other.
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