This situation is caused by the inconsistency between the system accounts used by the controlling party and the controlled party . The solution is simple , Both computers are used administrator User login , Then proceed qq long-range .
Operation method : 1, Right click “ This computer ”, choice “ Administration ”, Open the computer management interface
2, Select local users and groups , Then select the user , All local users will appear on the right , include administrator 3, Right click administrator user , Click Properties 4, open
administrator properties dialog , Remove the lower one “ Account Is Disabled ” Front hook 5, Click OK , Complete the account activation operation 6, Click the start menu --》 Shut down --》 cancellation , Re log off to
administrator user ( If you can't find the logout button, press it Ctrl+Alt+Del You can see it ) 7, get into administrator
Administrator account , Reuse QQ When remote assistance or other remote tools, you can control the other party completely .
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