Hello World It's the first language we're going to run in programming , At least for me , I collected it today 19 Written in programming languages Hello World, How many can you read ?

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, Nothing else , Come in, you have to be front-end , Whether you're Xiaobai or Daniel , I'm very welcome , Xiaobai , Take the initiative , Hurry up , Ask more questions and you'll learn , Share dry goods from time to time , include 18 The latest front-end information of , Welcome to beginners and advanced students .










10, assembly language x86

of course , Programming languages go far beyond that , We must remember to be down-to-earth when we study , Don't think about speed , Programming industry is not fast , Only the amount of code , I hope you will bear this in mind , Don't go the wrong way . Which programming language do you like best , Leave a message and tell me what you think , Finally, let me say a word :PHP It's the best language in the world .

Two more suggestions :

learn JavaScript One step at a time , Don't rush for success , It's just a waste of your time .

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